Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Belated Valentine's.

I had my belated Valentine's Day today. Not really special, it's just an outing with my dear to Times Square and KLCC. Had chicken rice for lunch, sushi for dinner and moist chocolate cake for dessert. :)

And I had spent..a lot..seriously a lot T_T Not on clothes. But on doll, doll stuff and books. Ohh Fml. XD
Lemme show you guys what I got :3


Blythe doll; Simply Mango.
She's not really mine tho but I still love her!!
Such a cutie <333

I bought some colors for custom work and doll clothes as well. Heheh

And I spent the most in Kinokuniya. =_= Really fml max.
Kinokuniya always ripped me off.

Doll books

Fashion books; Gothic Lolita Bible and Kera

And lastly, something super cute that is gonna make me obsessed with it~

Sentimental Circus

Cute max right?? XD 
Omg super love em!! Love all Sentimental Circus items! 
How can it be so cute!! X333

Another good news for me;
my couple rings that I ordered from Canada had just arrived!
Kyde gonna pick em up at our friend's place later. 
Might show you guys tomorrow <333


Hilda Milda™ said...

Couple ring all the way from Canada? It must be very expensive! Can't wait to see it (:

Merrinette said...

Hehe moderate price i guess
i choose something diff from normal couple ring :)

Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

aah, looking at this makes me want to buy a dollfie >.<

Merrinette said...

aww, you can save money to get one :D
i dunno when can i get another bjd as well T-T

Kashfiya said...

I am really amazed to see your blog of Blythe doll. I love this doll and recently I have collected this doll at PIJ. I am really very happy to get this one :D

Merrinette said...

Hello Kashfiya!
I didnt expect anyone would read my blog now ^^ and I'm glad that you're happy with your girl hehe!

Feel free to follow me on instagram: merrine_dvh or flickr: for more blythe piccas :D