Sunday, March 28, 2010

Materialistic Rasicm.

Okay. This is not a good post. I just cant stand it anymore. It's bout my photography group.

I really dont like her, my group leader.

For the first time I met her and during photography class, she pushed me out to be the group's model because I was wearing Fairy Kei on that day.

First, they're using my cam to snap photos. During the mid session of it, she requested to change Nikon to Canon because Canon is much more easier.

That is bullshit.

During group discussion, she kept on banning my ideas. And only accepted few of them after my friends explained it to her.

I really felt quite pissed off. In the group, we have group members that do not understand Mandarin but she seems like only focus with those China people. Not to mention that one of the group member, China girl did nothing.

She cant even understand when I asked her "Are you free on Saturday? Because we might need to come to campus".

How pathetic is that.

I was worried bout Monday's photoshoot. They did not online as well. I tagged two of em, the leader and the Iranian girl. Well, the group leader did online but made no reply to me til I PM-ed her in Facebook.

I asked if I should bring anything. She said nothing because I am using Nikon.
What kind of shit is this?

Secondly, she said Mac is better and easier for presentation.

Basically, she is only focusing in Canon and Mac.

Eventhough I had added her in MSN, what's the point if she doesnt even online in MSN?!

I really cant stand it anymore.

Such a bitch. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You!

Ever since my previous post, I had gained a lot of supports from friends and also from my blog readers. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it :)

I was supposed to do my assignments just now but I was too bored. So, I try to makeup and camwhore.

For makeups, I used

Foundation Powder: Majolica Majorca
Concealer Stick:  Kate
Eye Shadow Palette: China Brand *Mum gave me*
Lip Stick: Dunno what brand =/ *Mum gave also*
Lip Gloss: Elianto
Mascara: Maybelline
Fake Lashes: Dolly Wink
Loose Powder: Maybelline
Eyebrown Powder: Majolica Majorca

If you're curious bout how I did my makeup, you may ask me. 

Bonnet: Baby, The Star Shines Bright
Blouse: R-Series (offbrand)
Jumperskirt: Baby, The Star Shines Bright
Wig: Ordered from forum.

I forgot to mention that I dont have double eyelids. I am using eyelid tape.

Enhanced the color of eyeshadow using Photoshop.

White wig made my skin looks darker. Or maybe, I am really that dark.


After photo, I like my hair! I tied two side buns and when I released em, it looks like this!

Extra for today! I recorded this last night. Introducing Furi ^^
Anyway, please ignore the noise and the background song.


Monday, March 22, 2010


I had been backstabbed til nothing can be said anymore by random strangers.


Because of the way I dress.

I worn this on last Friday because I had washed all of my clothes and they have not dry yet.
No choice, I have to wear lolita to class. 

Since I'm rushing, I had this bad coordination. And the wrong petticoat.
I am so short! Hate it!
I saw people laughing at me whenever I go in campus.

Saturday, clothes still have not dry yet. 
I worn this to KLCC. 
I thought this is considered as normal? 

Less people staring and yet there's still people gave me the disgusted look. 

Okay. Worst day, Sunday.
I worn this to Mid Valley. 
*a bit wet because of the rain* 
The moment I stepped out from my house til I reached home, people non-stop staring at me. It's okay to stare but they just couldnt not shut their asshole mouths from throwing shit swears or curses on me in Lolita. 

Okay, for those that dont know bout Lolita, please click here. 

Another option, google it. 
If Lolita seems to be familiar to you, it's actually derived from the Victorian and Rococo by the Japanese. 
Some people that know nothing bout Victorian and Rococo, they should just go and die. 
I mean like, WTF with all these people? The styles are so famous, how can possibly they dont know anything bout it? 

I guess they're shallow. 

I am Chinese but ya know what, I hate Chinese. I hate those cina-bengs. They are such a bunch of shallow maggots. 

I heard them making fun of me and laughing so loud just to let me know that they're talking bad bout me. See, how bad is that? 

I heard they said "Pig's legs" too. 
Yeah, I have fat calves, so? 

I can tell you that they're no fats. They're muscles formed when I used to swin in the past few years ago. 

Another photo. 
Another question, do I look like a fucking criminal? 

Everyone was staring at me like I'm a criminal or fatal disease carrier. 

I saw fear in some people eyes as well. How funny. 

Ah well, let's stop this crap.

Here's some of the photos taken in Mid Valley. Main reason that I went there, Alice decoration. It was the last day. 

Warning: A LOT OF IMAGES! 



Love this!

Red Queen and White Queen. 
Sorry, but at my first sight, I thought the White Queen was a male. 

I want this hat. 

Okay, done with the photos. 

I bought some stuff as well. 

Care Bear warm bag

Jewellery Box

On the way back to Cyberjaya, we had some fun with the warm bag. 
I forced him to take photos and he reluctantly agreed this time :D

One of his photo.
Kamen Pink Bear!

Too lazy to edit. Bear with my ugliness please. 

Hi, I am Care Bear. 


Okay, that's it for today. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Lolita Movie Outing II

2 days ago, I was quite depressed. Someone took my sketchbook during Design Heritage class. I called someone called Chrisilda Usha John because I thought it's Mr.Chris; my Design Heritage lecturer.

The classroom was locked. So I have to find the lecturer to open the door for me.

She is such a bitch. So damn rude. She lied that Mr.Chris was not in the office. Lucky me for lurking in the Faculty and lucky me that Mr.Ronald helped me to check on Mr.Chris whether he's in or not.

I saw no sketchbook after Mr.Chris opened the door and I see no sketchbook! My sketches for the next class, Graphic Design were inside the sketchbook.

And yeah, no choice but to re-draw. I dont really have ideas for it. :(

I will be working on Monday and Thursday. Unfortunately, I still need some time to adapt and memorize what I should do. Hope they wont fire me. >_<"

After my shift ended, I went to computer lab, hoping that I could finish my illustration using Adobe Flash for tomorrow's class; Computer Graphic. 2 hours later, a lecturer came in and said he has class at 5pm in the lab.

I moved to another lab and I couldnt open the file. 2 hours work, gone. I re-do but did not finish it because I dont really know how to use Adobe Flash and I felt very tired. So, I went back home.

Anyway, as promised. Here's the photos for the previous Lolita Movie Outing! Not much thou.

Group Photo of Lolita girls that attended. 
From left; Frack, Aiko, Emily, Nana and Me.

We have the same JSK and shoes!
But my shoes are too large :(
Anyone wanna buy it? 
Worn once only. 
Size 24cm

Shoes shot! 

Another one!

I'm too lazy to edit, sorry girls >.<

Camwhore camwhore >_<

Fabric shot! 

Look at our cute print <3

Okay. Done for today.

Need to do research for Design Management later! 

Busy day on Friday DX

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Lolita Movie Outing

On 12.March, Aiko came and gave me my lolita stuff that I had ordered. Well, only half of em arrived.
Here ya go!

Socks from Secret Shop
They're so cute!!

Blouse from R-Series

Teddy Bear Blouse from R-Series

Look at the cute button!

Red JSK from R-Series

On 13.March, we had a movie outing in Lolita. Around 11am, Aiko and Haruji came to fetch me and Kyde, after she changed her outfits, we went to One Utama.

Met up with Emily and Nana and went for lunch in Garden Cafe.

 I dont like my usual self here lol
Anyway, here's what I worn that day

Blouse: R-Series
JSK: Bodyline
Petitcoat: Dear Celine
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline

I straighten my hair by hair blow it with hairdryer. 
Dyed my hair on Friday and the color seems to be a little green-ish in real life. 

Emily in the same JSK with me but diff color :) 

Aiko in Blue Outfit! 

From left, Ariel (me), Airene (Nana), Ingrid (Emily) and Madeline (me). 


Guess Ariel wants some of the juice :D

Our drinks!

My lunch, shared with Kyde :) 

May came around 1.20pm. After the lunch, we went to collect our tickets and watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D!

Before I watch the movie, I saw some review, as in bad review bout it.
But after I had watched it, it's not that bad but it's totally awesome!

I really love the Cheshire Cat a lot.

He is so so cute!!
Wish I have a cat like that T_T

So, if you have not watch it yet, go and watch now!
After the movie, we took some photos. I have not get the photos from Emily and Nana yet, so please wait for em! :) 

Aiko and Haruji left earlier.

Me, Emily, Nana and May went for Purikura. Poor Kyde that had to wait for me for such a long time. Sorry dear!

Here's our Purikura photos!


I dont really show my teeth when smiling. 
It was captured when we're not ready yet. 
So yeah....

I look weird and ugly here XD

*Blur face of me* lol

Second session of Purikura, after May left.
This time, with our babies! <3

It's tougher than the first session because we had to hold our babies. 

Ariel looks damn scary here, maybe she dislikes Purikura =/

Lol I think I look prettier in Purikura. *slap self XD *
And I think Purikura makes everyone more pretty haha!

Love the heart thing on my head, looks like a crown <3

This one looks like a family photo Lol

The cats at the bottom so cute!

 This is partially a failure. Lol! 


That's it for now!

Do wait for more photos coming up!