Saturday, April 24, 2010


Thank you so much to all LYN members 

for helping me to solve my blog problem! 



Hi people! 

I had received my parcels from Chocomint and CoolCat today!

Arent them so cute?? <3
Accessories from Chocomint
Earphone from Chocomint
Thinking of selling it at first but guess not XD

Stuff from CoolCat 

Since I'm quite excited, I removed Meriel's hair.

Cute right? Looks like egg XD
*Scalp removed with hair*

Meriel: Ahh! I'm bald! XD

But I stop because lack of tools and went to Alamanda for dinner. 
As usual, I'm a vegetarian on Friday, my boyfriend will follow it as well.
I can eat seafood on Friday because they're not considered as meat =/




After the full-bloated dinner, we went for movie. 

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training.

My reviews.
-Freaking funny
-Awesome actions!
-Violence overloads
-Erotic scenes
-Uncensored words and scenes

So, watch it! It's a worth watching movie if you're looking for an action comedy!

My coordination for Friday.  

I look damn tanned. 

Accessories: Chocomint
Top: Tokidoki
Bottom: FOS
Boots: Bodyline

Before I forget, you knows knew that I had a semi-photoshoot on Tuesday right?
Well, I asked her to give me the soft copy before the photoshoot, she said okay, no problem.
Since she did not find me for days, so yeah, I asked for it. 

Notice the word "exedently"? 
It took me few seconds before I knew what exactly it means, supposed to be "accidentally"

Hmmn.. after all those crap and made me went to campus just to help her with her photoshoot, I get nothing but stained sailor fuku and tangled ponytails (wig).

Not to mention, disrespect me. She done it again by deleting the soft copy. As I know, minimum will be 2mb memory card which can store approximately 900 images

 As I remember, price for dry clean cost me around RM15-25 for my sailor fuku. 
She cant afford to pay RM15-25? 
I really wonder what she's eating in this month. 

Obviously, she IS taking advantage of me. Maybe because I'm a stranger and a Chinese? 

I asked her to check my photos in my Facebook for couple of times, just to confirm whether she still want me to be the model or not. Bet she did not go and check em. 

I wont be posing as a slut. Not a slutty fake Sailormoon. Such a disgrace.

Still, I dont think she's gonna pay me back. 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fed Up.

This post will be filled with my complains. So, please bear with me.

First, I had a terrible time over the past few days.

Since Kyde went back, I will be eating alone, since I'm too lazy to go down. I thought I can cook for my dinner. Stepped into the kitchen and saw this.

I know. Very disgusting right? Photos were taken today. Few days ago, it's worse. I can see few of my spoon in there, shouting for help. 

I had a photoshoot on Tuesday but it was a bad photoshoot. 
How do you describe Sailormoon?

Super long blonde ponytails + sailor fuku = Sailormoon?

Where the hell do you get this idea from? 

Okay. During the photoshoot, I dont really smile, I did smile but I cant smile widely til my two rows of teeth can be seen. I just cant. Dont ask me why. 

Another thing, I cant pose. I told them earlier that I cant pose.

They were trying to "communicate" with me in Malay. Since they knew I'm from Sabah, they kinda made fun of me. They "tried" to talk to me in Sabahan Malay. 
Please, I do understand whatever shit you talked bout me. It just I kept quiet and I dont speak Malay, does not mean that I dont understand Malay. 

She said pose like what you had posed in all of your photos in Facebook. 
I dont remember I'm posing like a model or a cheerful person. Mostly, neutral. No extreme poses and moderate smiles only, as I remember.

I saw frustration in their eyes. Lastly, they asked someone to replaced me, exchanged clothes. 

During the photoshoot, I really dont know what to say anymore, looking at how my wig been played around. 
I dont like it because I dont think they respect me. Please, if you ask someone to be your model without paying them, please respect them. 

And yeah, Sailormoon image had been ruined with all those sluttly poses. Sorry to say that. 

Luckily, Kyde came back earlier. He wanted to give me a suprise actually but it was a bad day for me. Mood changed to positive when I saw him again. He bought me two pieces of cakes from Secret Recipe as well :)

Few days after that, I checked my sailor fuku and wigs.

I dont know whether you can see it or not. Just click on photo if you cant.

Clearer photo. Look at the stain.

I think can be washed off by sending it to dry clean. Gonna waste RM20+ again. 
They should really pay me for this.

Next, more frustrating for me. My ponytails.

Pony tail 1

Pony tail 2

I really dont know how to fix it anymore. Feel like cutting if off. My RM240 wig had been ruined.

If you're wondering why I dont ask them to fix it?

Their brushing skill is wrong. I saw it because I asked them to help me to brush it before the photoshoot because I need to get prepared. 

I just dont want to make it more worse.

Fuck this shit, huh?

Overall, I just think they're not professional at all.

Lack of patience. 
Did not show photos to model.
Too many demands.

I'm a free model as requested.

It's just a bit over for me. 

A lesson to be learnt, I dont want to borrow any of my stuff to someone else anymore. 
And I dont want to be a model for unprofessional amateur photographers anymore. 

I had no prob with my previous photoshoots with my friends; Hansen, Joy and Kiki because they direct the photoshoot well and they respect me.

Enough for today, My current nails. Did not color em for so long.

Dont think this color suits me. =/

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pre Order for Blythe and Pullips/Dal/Byul!

Neo Blythe Simply Mango and Simply Guava

Price: RM660 per set
         RM350 each

*Full payment preferred as stock will be arriving within 1-2 weeks*

For more photos, click here

Byul x Innocent World

Price: RM450
Deposit: RM50
Release in July! 

Dal x Innocent World

Price: RM450
Deposit: RM50
Release in July! 

Pullip x Innocent World

Price: RM450
Deposit: RM50
Release in July! 

Byul Paulia

Price: RM380
Deposit: RM50
Release in June!

Dal Lucia

Price: RM380
Deposit: RM50
Release in June!

EOS Pullip
First Steampunk Series! 
Only limited to 2000 pieces!

Price: RM600

 For more photos, click here

Payment by Maybank.

Email me to order!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Piece of Shit.

People, as you know, Israel citizens are forbidden to enter Malaysia. That is not entirely true.

There's a huge number of them here, in Malaysia nowadays.

For example, I have one housemate from Jerusalem. 

My patience had reached my limit. He is very rude and he does not has any basic logical manners. 

Yesterday, when I woke up and walked out from my room, I saw a cat. First thing that I taught of, my hamsters. They were freaked out and luckily, they are still safe. 

I asked him, did you let the cat in? 

He replied "What did the cat do?"

After I told him that it attacked my hamsters and poo-ed on my laptop bag, he started to denied it and putting the blame on me. 

He said I put the cat food at outside and the cat will come. 

Yes, I indeed did that but if you did not let the cat entered the house, nothing will happen. 

No matter how many times I sweep or mop the floor, he or his friends will get it dirty again within 3 days or less. They saw me cleaning the house but they still walk around the house with shoes on!
How could they dont have sense of consideration? 

They never clean the house, except for me and my another female housemate only.I bet he thinks we're his maids!

Another thing, like I said before, he likes to use people stuff without permission. He used my violin box for this. 

Look at this disgusting shit in the sink. I really cannot stand him anymore. Me and my housemates had cleaned the kitchen for dont know how many fucking times and I had scolded him for this as well but he still did the same thing!

I dont know how many weeks this leftover food had been placed there. See the dark spots? They're actually ant nests. I killed them for so many times, but since he messed up the kitchen, the ants will just come back again and again. 

Since it's our last month staying here, he has been doing things in his own way as in we are invisible. Do whatever he likes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I went to bed early on last Saturday and Aiman gave us cupcakes for their anniversary!

Arent them lovely?

I fail in cupcake baking, no idea why. LOL. 

Anyway, if you're interested in ordering cute decorated cupcakes, you may order from
MyLovely Cupcakes.

Basically, they do COD in Kelana Jaya and Cyberjaya but you may also request them to send the cupcakes to your place with agreed charges for delivery :)

I had been doing my assignments while slacking....a LOT!!.  I just couldnt find idea for it. Thanks to Kyde and Aiko for giving me some ideas! :) 

Anyone know bout Camelia or Cammie? I had been ignoring her for quite away, leaving her dusty in the corner. Felt kinda guilty, so I cleaned her and snapped some photos of her.

Emily says she looks human-like in this photo *_*

Nana said she looks like she's online-ing o_o

Sleeping on Carebear pillow lol

Cammie: Do you want some of this? :) 

What can I say anymore, my baby Cammie is pretty!!

Besides, I had few incidents bout my housemate and my job.

Housemate just couldnt make more trouble for us. They do whatever they want and use people's stuff without permission. I cleaned the house and now, it got dirtier than previous.

I really wonder if his parents did taught him manners or not, OR they are all the same!

As for job, I think I made my boss and Suky mad. Sorry. It just, I feel kinda stress out with my assignments. :( I really feel like wanna quit this month.

Happy because the postman called me and telling me that he had arrived at my doorstep! I asked my boyfriend to oepn the door for me since I'm still sleeping LOL 

As expected, it's Meriel that I bought from Betty!!

She's Neo Blythe Can Can Cat.

Had been customized; sand-matted face, lips craved, new lashes, hair had been cut to shorter lenght and her sleepy eyes are quite awesome!

She's with her bare face now til I have my free time to do faceup on her >_<

She's still pretty without any faceup. Really love how the lips is craved. 
Anyway, Meriel means sea-bright :) Do you think it suits her? 

Aside from all those stress and troubles, I still have my major trouble that bothers me a lot.

I am wondering where should I live during May. I am homeless. 

Okay, gonna do my assignments now or perhaps, just bath and sleep.

Gonna continue in the morning as I will be skipping the class. Design Heritage, it's boring. 
All I have to do is to find my lecturer in the faculty to show her the essay outline. 

Okay. Off now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot Drama

Previously, there's a drama in Facebook. Fortunately, it has ended. If you wish to read the epic drama, please proceed to here .

Yesterday, someone sent me a message in Facebook.

*Kindly click on photo to enlarge*

I was amused when I saw this message. First of all, she came from nowhere and flamed me. 
Second, her English is hilarious.

Some of you might not understand it, so I will do the translation :)

It is supposed to sound like this.

Hey, you cant say anything on what people gonna wear during Bon Odori, it's their freedom! And dont think that you're smart, you're also pussy dick childish. 

I cant reply her because she had blocked me before/after she sent me the message.
She did sent messages to my friends as well, just to scold them and in the same way, just to humiliate herself.

Haruji PM-ed me in MSN and sent me this.

*Kindly click on photo to enlarge*

They printscreen-ed this image to me as I cant view her profile.

I'm not sure which one is her, since she has only this phone in her profile =/

Needless for me to describe those in the photo, you know what I'm trying to say right? :)

I have to say that she has such sense of humor or I should say, talent to humiliate herself.

I dont really understand what's she's trying to say but oh well, here is it :) 

Fuck all of you, cosplayers. Whatever people want to wear, let them wear. Why are you so busybody, say people is Lala. You shitty people are Lala-s as well! Pussy Dick People!

Honestly, I was having a hard time to translate for this, for the sake of those that cannot understand Chinese language. 

(PS: Lala is commonly used on dumb/brainless/typical Chinese teenagers, for more details, just email me)

Why is she so mad about?
Does that mean, she admitted that she's a Lala?

I did not even mentioned that I'm smart, maybe she thinks I am. 

Thank you, Wong Huiyen, if you're reading this. 

You just raised my fame by humiliating yourself. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost Lala.

Hey, everyone. Some of you might heard of Bon Odori, right? 

Some people thinks it's actually a Japanese festival, in which they can wear Japanese fashion during the festival.

Well, yes, you can wear Japanese fashion but mark my word, it's Japanese Traditional Wears only.
Those that are not wearing yukata, should wear decent simple casual. 


Here's the answer.

            Brief History and Meaning of Bon Odori

Bon Odori is a Japanese Buddhist Folk Dance performed outdoors and danced in concentric circle around a raised platform called a Yagura.  Odori means dance and Bon is the abbreviated name of a Buddhist text, the Ullambana Sutra, whose Japanese pronunciation is Urabon, shortened to Bon.

The sutra tells the story of a Monk called Mokuren (known as Mogallana in Pali), who in meditation saw his deceased mother suffering of starvation in the Hell of Hungry Ghosts, where any food she touched burst into flames.

Mokuren appealed to Shakyamuni Buddha to save his mother from her fate. Shakyamuni instructed Mokuren that in order to overcome his mother's selfish past life karma, he should make offerings of food from land and sea to his fellow monks at the end of their 90-day retreat which ended in mid-July.

Upon following Shakyamuni's instructions, Mokuren danced for joy when his mother and seven generations of his ancestors were freed from their suffering.
This story gradually developed into a major memorial festival for one's ancestors, and took root in many forms in Mahayana Buddhist countries, especially in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

The Obon festival in Japan has been held annually since 657 A.D. In the Jodo Shinshu sect, it is called Kangi-E, or Gathering of Joy, as established by Monshu Myonyo Shonin.

Though a memorial observance, there is a festive mood during Obon. Obon is a time to remember and honor all those who have passed on before us. It is a time to appreciate all that they have done for us and to recognize the continuation of the influence of their deeds upon our lives. Obon is also a time of self-reflection; the joy one feels is not from the happiness of getting what you desire, but the joy of being shown the truth -- the joy of awareness. "Obon reminds us to love and care for our parents. It also encourages the practice of selfless giving (dana) not only to family and friends, but to all beings."

The first Bon Odori in the United States was performed in Hawaii in 1910. Twenty years later, the Jodo Shinshu priest Reverend Yoshio Iwanaga introduced the odori to temples in California, Oregon, Washington and Canada. The first organized Bon Odori in the Continental United States was held in the auditorium of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco in 1931. The odori has become a popular annual event at practically all BCA Buddhist temples in the United States. We will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Bon Odori in July 2006.

So, now everyone understand the meaning of it?


For those that still do not understand, basically, Bon Odori is similar to Cheng Meng / Ching Ming which is celebrated by the Chinese to honor people who had passed away.

Now, let me proceed to the main topic of today.

Please have a look at the photo below.

*Please click on photo for full view*

Is this a good sight for you during Bon Odori? (Except those who's in the photos that wore yukata)

Imagine how would you feel if you see people wearing something like that during Cheng Meng?

Very, very disrespectful, am I right?

Okay, check this out as well. Please click on photo to enlarge :)

I had censored their names with colors. So, I will just call em by colors :)

Red - have you guys noticed what he mentioned?

Everyone wearing yukata is considered as normal, so they wanted to wear something fancy that made them stand out in the public.

I wonder if he has any brain. =.=

Green  - Dude, do you think you're very famous?

I dont care whether you're famous or not. Who are you and where you come from, I dont give a damn.

Everyone see how Lala is this Mr. Green, right?

Look at the way he types, only the Lala will do that. Sorry if I had offended any of you.

Honestly, it is very annoying, if you're doing it, please stop it. It's a very ridiculous way to type.

And the Ms. Teal, does she even know, what is Harajuku fashion?

Please, do more research before you lash your shit crap out without any knowledge.

Another thing, please wear yukata in a decent way.

Well, it's very obvious on what am I trying to say here, people, please join this group if you really wanted to know, what shouldnt you wear during Bon Odori. We will try our best to guide you to the right path :)



And do vote here :D


Should we wear something fancy during Bon Odori (Except yukata)?
No free polls

Vote for NO if you disagree on people wearing Lolita/Punk/VK/ETC or even Cosplay during Bon Odori

And if you have any comments, just post em on my Cbox. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Movie and Sushi.

I booked the ticket for Clash of The Titans on Friday. 

Before going out to Alamanda, I left my keys in the room and Kyde did not take his keys. So, we were stucked inside the house, as we cannot go into our room or go out from the house. 

There's only one way - climb through my housemate's window. His room is just beside me and he doesnt has the key to lock his room. So yeah, without his permission, we entered his room and then Kyde climbed over to my room. It's kinda dangerous I guess. 

Anyway, I know it's wrong to enter his room without permission but it was around 4.20pm that time and our movie is goin to start at 5.15pm. 

We took the cab and went to Alamanda, rushing and hoping that we're not late and able to get our tickets. Lucky enough to get our tickets but we did not buy any drinks or snacks because the queues were long. 

Bout the movie, Clash of The Titans, it's nice but somehow it made me confused. You will get what I mean if you watch, Percy Jackson;The Lighting Thief.

Release Date: 1 April 2010
Language: English
Genre: Action, Adventure
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Director: Louis Leterrier
Cast: Sam Worthington, Pete Postlethwaite, Mads Mikkelsen, Gemma Arterton, Alexa Davalos.

Synopsis: In Clash of the Titans, the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus is helpless to save his family from Hades, vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny. Reimagined with state-of-the-art visual effects and cutting edge technology, Clash of the Titans is a timeless and awe-inspiring adventure set against the turbulent backdrop of Ancient Greece.

(Source: Warner Brothers)

Anyway, it's a good movie. Worth watching :D

After the movie, went to Sushi King for dinner. We walked in and none greet us. We sat down but none serve us. They served a bunch of Malay people that came in 5 minutes after us. This is so unfair. I hate them. Damn racist workers. They only greet Malay people. 

There's still a Malay girl serving us, I think she's the none racist type among em. 

They ignored a couple from China more than us. The guy was pissed but he did not say anything. 

Alamanda. Sometimes I really hate that place but it's the nearest shopping mall for me. :((( 

Dinner's done! We went to Parkson because I wanted to go and check on the toys. Toys are so tempting T^T I think I am somehow going backward to a kid. 

While looking around, I heard the workers kutuk-ing Chinese. I told Kyde bout it and he walked there and looked at them. They went silent and Kyde gave them a smile and walked away. 

Sigh. What's wrong with all these people nowadays. Can you stop being so racist?! 

Well, I dont blame the Malay for hating the Chinese because I,myself hate the typical Chinese as well, or also known as Cina-bengs. 

Okay. Stop with this shit. 
This is what I wore today to Alamanda. Toned down and yet, there's people staring. Dont really care bout it anymore. I dont wanted to be ordinary or normal. 

Top: Tokidoki
Skirt: Bodyline
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Bloomer: Bodyline
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline

Okay, I am done now.