Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dizzy again.

I went to KLCC again! This time, I bought some stuff.

2 pairs of DollyWink eyelashes, Kate stick concealer,  Majolica Majorca's stuff. 

I spent another few hundreds in Kinokuniya. Found myself mistakenly bought an extra magazine. Thus, I am selling this away. Please email me or tell me if you want to buy this k? 

Cover 1

Cover 2
You may choose your desired cover, since I dont mind which cover I am getting. Original price is RM46.90 but I am selling it at RM45 along with postage. 

I bought this cute notebook on the past few days. The one that I mentioned for my assignment notes.

Isn't it cute?! :D
I am such a big spender. Qcute has not reply me yet, I wanted to order some lolita stuff. Plus I wanted to order from Bodyline because I lost my bloomer. I feel kinda sad. I dont even realised that I lost it! Anyone wanted to order from Bodyline, please inform me. I will order em next week. 

A new photo of myself. The reason why I dislike to take photo during night time, it's because they will turn out so bad. So, I will try not to snap photo during night time again.


I wonder what's wrong with me. I feel dizzy from time to time since the day I came back from Taiping. 
I began to worry bout it now. :( 

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Went to KLCC with Kyde on Thursday. I dropped by at Sasa to check if they have DollyWink. Look at below if you dont know bout DollyWink.

Arent them awesome? !

Felt myself floating and overwhelmed in excitement but my heart sank when I saw the price. It cost RM55.90 each. It is pretty expensive for a pair of lashes thou. 

I fell in love with Majolica Majorca stuff as well. Their casings and designs are so damn awesome!

*Sorry guys, couldnt find nice photo*
There's golden and silver color for the casing.
RM24.90 for the case
RM55.90 for the refill

Kyde took the flyers for Majolica Majorca because he thinks they look cool. In the end, I'm the one that took them. Haha.
After that, I saw LG Lollipop. It is so damn cute! I never buy a mobile for myself. Seriously, never. My mum bought them for me as my birthday present. How lucky am I right?! 

It cost around RM799 - RM899 now. Waiting for the price to drop T_T

 Obviously, I want the Pink! 

Kinokuniya is a must-go-place for me whenever I go KLCC. I spent RM160+ on some books. Kodomo Manga which cost me RM99.90 and it was the last book! It is damn awesome. It is bout chibi drawing and now I feel like learning Adobe Illustrator T___T 

I bought two paperbacks of Alice in Wonderland. And one cute Rilakkuma notebook for my new semester notes. Thanks for Kyde. If without him, I would had spent more. This is why, bookstores are extremely dangerous to me. 

So yeah, I need a lot of money now. I need a tablet so much. I wanted to learn how to draw. Shame on me for having no appearance and talents at all!!! T^T

I am selling my stuff off. Please have a look! More will be updated soon when I go back to Cyberjaya on Sunday. 

You may reserve them first if you like them with deposit of RM50. You may send me an email or add me in MSN if you have any question or wanted to order. 

Now, I think everyone is very familiar with Pocky.
Pocky is originated from Japan. Here, in Malaysia, we have our Malaysia version of Pocky which called Rocky. 

This is one of my all time snacks. I wonder why the Milk flavour comes in such small size for either Pocky or Rocky. Really curious bout it. 
Recently, I bought something else. Hello Panda.

I used to eat them when I was small. It is cute and nice.
And I got Kyde addicted to this. And he bought another big pack of Hello Panda. XD

I wanna watch Chu-Bra!! now and maybe start doodling again.  


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rest In Peace, Kuri.

Again, I went to Cyberjaya from Wangsa Maju to check on Kuri's condition today. When I reached my apartment, saw my housemate and his friend doing something in the living room. So, I asked Kyde to take Kuri; along with the cage into my room.

He was still breathing but obviously he had gotten weaker and thinner. I tried to give Kuri few drops of water using my finger but he was not drinking. After awhile, I realized that he was not moving anymore. I did took Kuri's photos after he passed away. Maybe you will think I should not do that but it is Kuri's moment of death to me, which supposedly a memorial.

Kuri was born on 3rd August 2009 and passed away on 24th February 2010 around 4.40pm. 

I covered Kuri with a small piece of white fabric. And planned to bury him with Puri that passed away on 22th January 2010.

Not to forget my current living hammies; Furi and Furu. I gave them some treats and played with them for awhile. Photos were snapped by Kyde.


I am kinda worry bout this little guy's health. He is double the size of normal winter white hamster.. 

Enormous Furi

It has not been easy to take photos of Furu because he is hyperactive.

Eating dry cabbage as a treat

Sniffing my fingers

I like this photo but it is not so clear, he wont stand still less than 3 seconds I guess
Kyde wanted to do a comparion between Furi and Furu. Check out their sizes.

Furi's fur is whiter and with brown base color coating while Furu has grey base color coating.

After that, I went back to Wangsa Maju with Kuri.
Kyde brought me to the park where he burried Puri. 

I started to dig a small hole using my hand; covered with plastic bag. I fell and "AHH" when I tried to pulled the roots in the soil. After that I continued to dig again.

I heard a man's voice. I asked Kyde if he heard any but he couldnt heard me asking him. He told me that I only have 10 mins to get this burial done and we must get out from there with a serious face. I asked him why and he replied " just do what I said for once! "

At first thought, maybe someone is coming or it is goin to rain; in my mind. 

I continued to dig the hole...

and placed Kuri in there.. 

Afterwards, I cover the hole with the soil again..

And covered the soil with the leaves as I dont want any animals or human to discover the existance of Kuri.
When we're walking away from the park, I sensed or kinda heard footsteps behind me. I turned and looked but there's no one. I kept on asking Kyde, "did you see anything?" and "they are here, arent they?"

He insisted to tell after we get out from that park and he told me that there's around five of them.

He said I disturbed them when I fell and one of them gave us warning.

" only have 10 mins.. "

Sometimes it made me felt their existance when I realized Kyde saw something. He told me to ignore it so they will not do anything to me.

So yeah,  

Rest In Peace My Beloved Kuri

Kuri will be a part of the big tree from today onwards.

Anyway, if you feel anything strange; existence of spirits, please ignore it and act normally. Not to mention, no loud voices at quiet places when the day turned dark.

Bad day.

Went back to Cyberjaya from Wangsa Maju to register for my new semester. I did not expect it was so troublesome and I have not get my payment done yet. They made me went up and down and waited for hours. Limkokwing Uni's management is getting worse by each semester.

I was supposed to pay 12.5k+ for this semester since I will be repeating two subjects (each cost RM1k+). I finally get my money back from a exempted subject during Foundation year ; Communication Studies which cost RM826.

After end of the day, I settled partially of the registration and I have to pay RM 11.5k now. It was a relieve for me. I will try my best again this year to get the scholarship. Wish me luck!

I was quite worried of my hammies in Cyberia, so I went back to have a look on them. I saw all of them were still breathing until I realized something was wrong with Kuri.

I touched him and he was not moving. So, I picked him up. Realizing that he is dying and it was too late to take him to the vet. I really dont know what is the reason that made him sick until this point. I afraid I cannot see him again so I took photos of Kuri.


From this angle, he looks like he's sleeping peacefully... 

From here, he looks really fragile and gasping for air.. 

So sorry Kuri for not taking a good care of you.. 

After the shock bout Kuri, the condition of my house had gotten worse.

He used my boxes without permission to put his beanies. There's beanies everywhere on the floor and some of it got into my room as well.

Went to the kitchen, saw something horrible in the sink. He used my bowl and my cutlery without my permission and without washing them, I dont know how long they had been there already. And the sink was filled with coffee beans and some disgusting food stuff.

I was really mad at him so I called him. He did not answer my calls so I texted him and told him that I wanted him to be out from this apartment.

He came back and he talked to me bout it. Both of us were mad. He said I have no right to kick him out. Maybe I should make the landlord to kick his ass outta the apartment. I hate him so much!

After the talk with anger within me, my mum called and gave me another problem. She was giving more and more pressure on me recently after I told her bout Kyde, my boyfriend. At first, she wants me to quit studies and get married. Now, she said if I dont work harder and get good result, I will die.

Even when I'm blogging, my fucking laptop gave me problems as well. Blue screen popped up for 3-4 times when I'm blogging. I really feel so fucked up now.

Gonna check on Kuri's condition tomorrow and return my book from the library so that I can make the payment.

Hope things will be better soon.

p/s Good luck to Nana as well for your coming quizzes and test. We're both fucked up this time. Sorry to Kyde for having me blasting my anger on you...again...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boring town.

 If you're wondering why I did not update my blog during these few weeks, it's because I'm in Taiping. Nothing much happened actually. 

Being a stranger in Taiping and sticking to the Chinese tradition (not exactly). It is quite funny that they expect everyone in Taiping knows how to speak Hokkien. 

It is boring in Taiping, seriously. I can only online from cafe so yeah, I tried my best to online and attempted to update my blog couple of times.

I bought some stuff here; re-ment items (selling two of them soon) and some cute snacks! 

I have not show you guys some photos of the zoo and Phillip Island's trips, aint I? Here are em, few of my best and fav shots. Lotsa em not so clear due to handshake or the cage as an obstacle between me and the animal. 

And unfortunately, no photos of penguins taken from Penguin Parade in Phillip Island because it is not allowed. Too bad, huh? 

Peacock!  Did not edit anything on this :D 

Feeding time for the lions!


Giraffe is gorgeous, seriously gorgeous! 


Birds. >_<

Love this photo! Eventhou it's just a testing photo :D No edit is done! By the way, that's my Uncle Tony.

 Such an adorable koala :)

Okay! Done with it! :D 

Back to my story in Taiping, I met my boyfriend's family (almost all of em) and his friends. BBQ events and movies. Talk bout movies, I had watched four movies within a week time. 

The first movie is "The Spy Next Door"

It was quite a funny and cool movie. If you have kids, watch this with em, surely they will enjoy and laugh their hearts out. There's a touching scene for the ending as well. 

Second movie, "The Vampire's Assistant"

Cool Vampire movies. Unlike Twilight with the retard sparkling lame vampires and extremely desperate bitch that desperate for an intercourse with the ugly main character. Sorry if you're a Twilight fans. It's just a lame story to me. Okay, enough of this, if you're interested with vampire stuff, watch this. It's different and new. I hope there's a second movie for it! 

""" Percy Jackson; The Lightning Thief"     would be my third movie.

I watched it for twice. First, with my boyfriend and second with my boyfriend, his friend; James and his bro. It was quite slow and boring at the beginning but the story is quite interesting. It's involved the Olympian Gods and the myth creatures. It has an extremely awesome graphic as well! 

The last and really a disappointing movie will be...

"The Wolfman"

My comment, dont ever watch it. It's just a waste of money. Unless you dont have any choice.
The ending is a crap. No twist, no suspense.

I am now waiting for few movies. Cant wait for em!

Anyway, bad news when I told my parents, especially my mum bout my boyfriend. She wanted me to quit my studies and get married with him because she thinks that I will lose my interest in studies (well, I gotta admit that I dont really have the mood to study now but it is not because of my boyfriend but it is because I wanted to learn more bout doll customization). 

She had been calling me for the past few days just to scold me and then stopped from calling because I did not wanted to talk to her bout this matter. So yeah, wish me luck people!

I know this is a long blog entry but I really wanted to say that I really really envy my friend, Nana. She's turning her room to a lolita room! I cant because I dont have my own house. Sigh. 

More to update soon!

*Phew! My laptop did not restart for the second time while I'm blogging!*