Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doll Outing I

Hello peeps. I was supposed to blog yesterday but gotten too tired. 

Last Saturday was Doll Outing event organized by me. 
*I'm aware that some people dislike dolls, sorry for this post lol*

Location: Seed Cafe, Mid Valley

 This is my new baby. Her name is Poppy.

Yumi's Glen. I love his skin color so much!!

Akiko's. She doesnt has a name yet but she's Pullip Aquel.

Glen trying on Poppy's headgear XD So damn cute!!

"Hi, let's be friends"

I dont really have much photos since it's only 2 person that came :( 

Hopefully, there will be more people joining the outing! <3

Friday, September 24, 2010

Invitation to Vaseline Party!

I was checking my email like every minute because I'm waiting for my lecturers to reply my emails. Then suddenly I saw an email from Nuffnang. 

I had been invited to  
Celebration of Amazing Skin with Vaseline Party!!

Lol I dunno how to describe this, since it's my first time got invited for Nuffnang event T^T

Most important, I wanted to know whether I did win the prizes or not T___T

Anyway, tell me if any of you are going as well! :) 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ahhhhhhhhh.....I began to dislike my course so much.
Everytime I thought of Graphic Design subject, I feel like dying.
I dislike the lecturer. :(

Now, I'm doing my assignments. I just realized that I cant do much since she has not approve my logo yet! OMG OMG *panic*

I have class later at 9.30am. Hopefully, she will approve the logo because I really dont have any idea anymore!!

After that, Multimedia class. I havent start my flash animation yet :((( FML.

What else? Illustration assignments! Oh God. I dont know if I can rush everything by tomorrow and Wednesday now. T^T

I still dont know what am I supposed to do for my Typography class, all I know is; magazine spread pages. That's all. Hopefully, submission is not week 9, if not I can really die.

Next week, there will be presentations as well. T_T

/goes to continue my work again

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fusion of Raya and Mooncake Festival

Date: 18th Sept 2010
Location: Aiko's house in Putrajaya

As usual, Malaysia Lolita Club (MLC) will organize outing from time to time. This time outing was supposedly Raya outing and most people are busy and couldnt attend it. It ended up with 3 of us only. Even so, I enjoyed myself!

NOTE: Lolita isnt Cosplay. Lolita is a fashion trend from Japan.

Around 12.30pm, they picked me up from my place in Cyberjaya. Then we went for lunch; had Malay dishes before going to Aiko's house. Nana brought us some kuih raya as well! <3

Please enjoy the pictures :) 

Me wearing Aiko's dress from Angelic Pretty.

Nana wearing Aiko's dress as well! She loved that dress XD

Nana again.


Nana and me
 Epic-ness of Aiko XDDD

@_@ blah

Aiko :)

Epic-ness of Nana XD


I love this! Aiko looks so angelic here!

Me: *pats Aiko*
Aiko: *nyan~*
 A must shot for everything outing! Fabric shot <3

Nana taking photo with Aiko's dresses and her dresses as well!

Snowskin mooncake making with Hello Kitty mold XD
Too bad, forgot to snap photos of the mooncakes :(

Group photo. I'm the shortest ;w;

My outfit for the outing! Sailor casual set XD

Okay. Some bonus for you guys! Taken for fun and included caption by us :)

Aiko: NOOOOOO!!!!!
Me: *laughs*

Me:"Would you please stop doing that?! It's so not lady like!"
Nana:"Whatever. Lalala~ "
 Aiko: *poses*
Me: "Yes yes yes you're pretty yes yes.. whatever..."
 Bully 1
 Bully 2

Molest lol

Bully 3 - Final
Bitch slap lol
Lol hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Longest hair length I ever had DX

And just in case, if any of you notice my hair color Lol. 
I'm using liese Casis Berry to dye my hair. 
Unfortunately, it cant cover up my black roots. My black roots are super stubborn = ="

Totally unedited. @_@ 


Edit: Added photo of the snowskin mooncake :)

Photo from Aiko 

Green bean paste snowskin mooncake with Hello Kitty mold :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Digital Plastic Surgery.

I got frustrated with myself today. 

I dislike my droopy eyelids a lot. I talked to Nana and Vivi bout it and I told em that I wanted to do double eyelid surgery to remove fats from my eyelids. 

Then again, I dislike my nose as well because I think it's too big. 

I hate myself because I can never look good in fake eyelashes. They just dont fit me. 

I was bored and then PS-ed myself instead.

Before and After.
Huge different, no?

I did not make my eyes larger or ps my lips. The rest of my face and hair; Ps-ed.

Wish I'm that pretty lol

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Names

I went to Aquaria yesterday. Was irritated by Middle East people during the visit. They're so rude! Just bump on me without saying sorry, they even push me! But nevermind, I managed to cool down.

Sorry, I dont have any nice photo to show you guys, all photos turned out to be grainy and blurry because of the lighting in Aquaria. 
RM35 per entry for Malaysian; I just think it's too much. Not really worth it.

Anyway, I had our names written on rice. Glow in the dark rice but seems to be not so glowy due to my choice of pendant :(

His name

My name

*click on the picture for larger view*

RM30 for glow in the dark rice + necklace. Not bad, huh?
RM25 for normal rice.

After looking at all those fishes, I feel like eating fish. 

Thus, Saba grill for my lunch!
Look at the yummy looking flesh and crispy skin! Yum yum~~ 

Another thing that I had found out; something random after I went to Aquaria.

Stingrays are cute and yummy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Currently listening to; Bird by Yuya Masushita
I dont know, I just love this song.
I kept looping this song like crazy Lol.

Click to listen and view MV.


If you're wondering why I did not update my blog, it's because I dont know what to update and I'm still recovering from alcohol rash.

This is the second time I had alcohol rash.
I dont mind drinking but getting itchy, warm and red skin isnt that pleasant at all.
I avoid using soap or shower gel on my infected skin, kept showering myself with cold water, the rashes managed to cool down quicker now compared that last time.

Eeeww? I know.
Luckily, I dont sweat much or rarely sweat haha.

The third day that I was still suffering from alcohol rash, I went to KL for my assignments stuff. After done snapping photos that I need, I asked my boyfriend to do something crazy.

It's in Pavillian pathway.
Just a quicky because there's 2 security guards around there haha.

I went to KLCC for Kinokuniya again! :D

Papier vol 2

Pic #1 from vol 2

Pic #2 from vol 2

 Freebie for vol 2 issue!

Papier vol 3

Pic #1 from vol3

 Pic #2 from vol3

I feel a bit irritated with my newly growth black roots. They're around 1inch now.
I had been wanting to dye my hair for so long but lazy.

Casis Berry color from Liese

I guess it will be easily faded on my hair since I bleached it few times before. =/
Anyway, just bought it to try.

And yesterday, I just received my items from Aiko.
Joined her for Closet Child order :D

Unsure if I wanna sell em or not.
Both bracelets from Chocomint.

Hair piece or broach.

I love these items to the max, especially the Alice ring!!


These few days, I had been very confused of myself whether I should buy a beautiful dress or not. It's considered cheap since it's second hand.

Innocent World's Puppy JSK.
Currently having 50% off sale from Innocent World; 11k yen+

I'm buying from Closet Child because it's 9,800 yen. 
Including shipping would be around 11k yen also..

The only thing that I'm worried of was the bust size.
They stated it's 36-40 bust size. I afraid even after I tighten the back shirring, it would still be loose on me. Unless I go and enlarge my boobs = ="

I really love it much! :(
After I make my payment for it, I must not buy anything again for few months time. Geez. 


Before I forget again, I realized that I have not been so active in Innit nowadays. I would prefer that you follow me for updates or drop by a message in Cbox so that I could visit you back :( 
So sorry about it, sometimes I just dont feel like chatting or busy with my assignments. Feel free to follow me in my Facebook page or twitter as well for updates; if you dont mind me ranting so much hehe!