Monday, May 31, 2010

Self Faulty.

I had been reading loli_secret in Live Journal and it's always with girls complaining bout other girls. Saying that they're ugly and they shouldnt post their photos in the net.

Sometimes, I just think, it's not their fault if they're born ugly. Even so, if you think they're ugly, I just dont think you can just simply say she is ugly. Yes, you may be prettier but it does not gives you the right to say other's is ugly.

Or thin girls complaining bout fat girls.

Maybe that person is unattractive or chubby but he/she might has a better personality and attitude.

Everyone has their own defects. Everyone wanna complain bout it. It's okay to tell but you have to think of other's feelings as well.

I, myself has my own defects as well. I envy people who can wear contact lens because I cant.
From time to time, I was tempted to buy pretty contact lens and hoping that I can wear them.
My pupils are not proportionate, or should I say, they are not in their own correct positions.
So, it's gonna overlap my pupils and affect my sight (blurred). And there's no cure for it.

Sometimes, I just find it's ridiculous to complain or talk bad bout others. I, myself experienced the same thing. People saying me; ugly, fat, bitch, etc. Yes, I do feel sad and hurtful at first. Now, I dont really wanted to care much bout it. I have my own life. I wanted to live my life happily as well.

Please think of other's feelings before you simply talk bad bout em. They might be fat or ugly but remember, they have other positive skills,talent,etc that you dont have.

Shrek and Rocking Horse Shoes.

Finally, it's been awhile since I had watched a movie! Managed to drag Kyde for a movie at Alamanda on Sunday night. We wanted to watch Prince of Persia at first but it was fully booked so we go for Shrek: Forever After. 

A bored and domesticated Shrek pacts with deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin to get back to feeling like a real ogre again, but when he's duped and sent to a twisted version of Far Far Away -- where Rumpelstiltskin is king, ogres are hunted, and he and Fiona have never met -- he sets out to restore his world and reclaim his true love.

My rating - 7.5/10
It's kinda funny as well ^^ Puss was kinda cute even after he got fat XD If you're a fan of Shrek or Pixar, shouldnt miss this!

I didnt take my coordination photo earlier before I went out. Sorry for the bad photos.

Too lazy to edit.. 

Face covered but I look very dull + no makeup DX

I'm not wearing my Rocking Horse Shoes in the photo when I went to Alamanda, just flat Lolita shoes. Wearing it at home just to stretch it since it's very tight now. 

Anyway, some photos of my last and only hamster now, Furi.

 Isnt him cute? :D

Sunday, May 30, 2010


What do you think of haters?
Today, I checked my poll from my old blog and found out there's people out there that actually hate me and my blog. 
Sometimes, it just make me wonder, if you hate it, why bother reading or dropping by? 

Drop your comments at Cbox if you wanna comment on this post. I cant fix my comment option for my blog yet, blogger comment setting is not working. 

I will try to sort my blog entries into labels as well. Just gimme some time to do it. 

I'm quite depressed now. Not because of haters but my assignments. I have ideas but I'm not good with on-screen work. I just hope I will be able to finish em around next week... 

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was supposed to blog on yesterday. Since I dont have the mood to post it, I delayed til today.

I dont really know I am happy or excited when Qcute sent an email and telling me that my replica shoes  (AP Tea Party) had been posted. I'm worry bout the size.

Around 2.30am, I found out that Furu had died inside his food bowl. I dont even know the reason of death. He was so energetic before that and died so sudden.

Kyde said, maybe he injured himself from the long term of falling. He likes to climb and drop himself around the cage. I dont know why.

This will be Furu's last photo.

Another thing that kinda made me worry - Cammie.

It seems like she's undergoing yellowing.

She needs a new faceup as well.

Fat hope that yellowing process will stop.
Gonna bath her and clean her when I'm free.

I'm still slacking til now. I dont know what's wrong with me. I dont have the mood to study.
Argghh, BUT I DONT WANNA FAIL AGAIN. Must force myself to do my assignments :(

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Looking for Models!

Hello again, I left this out just now so, gonna post this.

Have you ever heard of Carnival Expo?

Here's the details ^^

"1 Malaysia, 1 Carnival, 1 Venue"

< Event Details >
Date: 16th Sept to 19th Sept'10
Time: 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
Venue: MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang)

For enquiry, please CALL:
603 - 8025 9428


Join in Facebook - Carnival Expo Malaysia
Our Malaysian Lolita Club is organizing a Lolita fashion runway for this event. It will fall on 18th September, Saturday. We're looking for models for our fashion runway. 

NOTE: Lolita items will not be sponsored. 

If you're interested, kindly download the form below, fill it and then mail it! :D

For those that's not familiar with Lolita fashion, you may check the links below :)

Join us in Facebook as well!

Please do not be afraid to approach us if you wanted to ensure whether your coordination/apparel is suitable or not.

You may also send me email at
if you feel shy to ask >_<

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A' Famosa

I think most of you had watched this video but I'm posting it here for those who have not watch it.

It happened in A' Famosa, Malacca. One of the tourism places to visit in Malaysia.

Join this group in Facebook as well :) 

After the unhappy citizens complained bout it, A' Famosa's management group tried to deny the matter issue - tiger abused. They also deleted their discussion post, blocked people that complained on their fan page, etc. 

And they made a post in one of our Malaysia newspapers claiming that they did not abused the tiger. 

Check the news here

I'm really interested with this case, I, myself wanted to go there and have a look by myself.
Unfortunately, they had stopped the activity (Photo with tiger) since people started to complain.

Nowadays, there's too many violation towards animals. Even kids. Some parents had witnessed what their kids were doing but they did not tried to stop their children from abusing the animals.


I received my parcel from Qcute on Friday noon.

From Kidsyoyo

Replica of Angelic Pretty from Lace Story.
I'm still unsure whether I wanna sell it off or not.
If you're interested, I'm selling it at RM220 including postage. =/

Aiko dropped by to passed me my loli stuff <3

R-Series Bloomer

Bloomer from Dear Celine, wanted another print but sold out

Wrist cuffs! My first pair of wrist cuffs!
Wanted pink but no stock, so go for red >_<

Yeah, I'm greedy! I ordered 3 colors :D

The skirt from HMHM <3

I think it's cute. Summer JSK from Infanta

Matching bloomer for my JSK XD

I know most of you are kinda tired of my post with all of my lolita items.

But, I just couldnt helped it sometimes D:

Anyway, I'm selling some of my items here.

My boyfriend is selling his LG Secret as well, less than a year. RM1k and negotiable.
If you're interested, you may find me :)

I'm currently taking orders on PVC figures, Gundam,etc from Japan, feel free to check my thread in Comie Fiesta Forum at here

I really really need money. That's why I'm selling my items off and trying to take orders for people.
I need to buy a PC, kinda worry bout my laptop. It seems like it's gonna die anytime.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fish Eye

Hey, short update :D

And sorry for abandoning my blog :(

Okay, yeah, I went to MidValley on last Sunday to meet Clement. He came all the way from Sandakan to attend DCIM and to exhibit his work!

As usual, Kyde accompanied me to MidValley and meeting Chris, a crossplayer that I met from Facebook :)

Clement, Kyde and Chris, they were strangers, first time meeting each other but I was kinda surprised that they can tag along like friends.

Not much photos and I stole Clement's photos from his Facebook and website, ahaha!

At Clement's booth


I always wanted it since 2008 :(
So SO envy!!

 A photo taken using lomo fish eye :D
Chris and Me

Needless to say? >_<

Photos credit: Clement Lee

People, do visit his site here

Please do not

use/steal/distribute his work 

without permission

or without crediting him! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010


On 10th, it was my boyfriend's birthday. On the same day, 3 parcels arrived. 2 from Qcute and 1 from Bodyline. :)

Let's see what I got here, shall we? ^^ 
*Anyway, I ordered them last 2 months, it takes time to produce em*

Kidsyoyo Violin Rose Beret

This is how it looks like when I ordered it. The only photo with that color.
I choose white thou. Cant really order the set items because it's winter wear :(

When it arrived, i really love it.
Look at the cute deco! 

I really love the quality and the good lace they're using *_*

The only problem is - it seems to be quite big on my head. I have small head, gotta admit that.
Kyde said I look like a small kid when wearing it >_<

BTSSB Replica Ribbon Heart Bag by Lace Residence

It looks cute than the real photo as well. I prefer this handle rather than metal handle by BTSSB actually >_<

DollscroPs Lolita Time Lovely Cute Skirt

Honestly, I'm not that happy when I received this. The lace had been changed but they're still using good quality of lace. It just doesnt really seem to impress me. It will still be good for casual wear I guess.

Closer look on the print. It's supposed to be brighter, lighting prob. 

Detachable bow.

Mary Magdalene Replica OP  by Kidsyoyo

Ordered this OP as well. I really really love the red color for this dress but I somehow ended up choosing off white.

The good thing bout Kidsyoyo, they provide extra buttons and there's transparent shoulder strap inside :)

I really love Kidsyoyo. Their quality really worth the price.

Frills Rocking Horse Shoes from An-tai-na. If not mistaken, replica of Antenna.

It fits nicely actually and cant fit in if I wear socks. Another problem for me is my left foot which is bigger than my right by few millimeters, it's damn painful if I wear it. 

Gonna bring it somewhere and stretch it since I cant DIY by myself. Friend gonna kill me for putting shoes into his fridge haha.

I love good quality and nice replicas. I dont need to spend my money on buying branded items, especially bags and shoes. I always make a mess for my bags and shoes. It will be heart-breaking when it's ruined (Branded). But I will still love branded and offbrands dresses :3

There's 2 panniers from Bodyline as well for my fairy-kei coordination. Since my cam no batt, so I will just leave it.

As I mentioned earlier, it was Kyde's birthday. I had actually planned of throwing a suprise party for him but it doesnt work out because we're busy moving and stuff. I asked for Bang Long's help to distract him while I went out to pick up the cupcakes around 9.30pm.

He's not that suprise because he already felt there's something fishy going on and my acting was just bad.

Simple and cute, aint? They taste great and very reasonable price as well.
You may order them from My Lovely Cupcakes

My schedule is kinda tight recently. Was planned to meet my photography sifu from my hometown, Sandakan on Thursday but since there's some changes, it had been postponed to Sunday.

Thursday, gotta send out the parcels for my customers. Feel real bad for delaying em. :(

Friday, photoshoot in the morning and class.

Saturday, Lolita outing again! :D But this time, quite a lot of girls, hope there's no Ita-loli.

Sunday, Mid Valley to meet up with Clement.

Before signing off, photo of the day :)
One-eyed cat. Unsure what happened to her eye =/

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What I had been through

First of all, I'm sorry for not updating my blog recently.

Secondly, thank you for those who had text-ed me and wished me in Facebook on my past birthday.
Although no celebration, I'm still happy. Really did not expect so many people would wish me on my birthday.

If you're curious on how I spent my birthday, I had a presentation during the evening and I had to pack and move my stuff during night time. It's kinda tiring for me.

After spending few days to pack and move my stuff, I'm still homeless now.
Currently staying at my friend's place but I have to move again next week.

My dad had been acting over-sensitive on the issue that I'm staying at a guy's place.
It's really hard to find a place with all girls. I had asked almost everyone but they cant let me stay at their place temporary.

I have a lot of delayed assignments as well. During this moment, I had been thinking to change my course. After asking for opinions from different people, now I think again, maybe I shouldnt change.
Ah well, let's see how's my result for this semester, I guess.

I had delayed to send out the parcel for Michi as well. So sorry T_T

Must try to settle things, body gets exhausted easily and I spent my time sleeping most of the time. Always feel sleepless. Sigh.

Okay, wish me luck on this coming Friday, I have a studio photoshoot with my model, Joy.