Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

Hello everyone, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you each of you for all the support you had given to me. And I would like to apologize to those whom I had offended or hurt by me before. 

And I wanted to apologize to those that feel disappointed in me for not blogging much and often anymore. I do hope you guys can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. ^^ 

Received Ariel's body recently. It's from Azone; Pureneemo sitting type. 

 Hasnt try on Ariel yet >D

My boyfriend had returned to Cyberjaya today. I feel kinda sad about it actually, I wish he would had stay with me longer in Sabah. I couldnt ask much since he had made the sacrifice to come over Sabah with me.
He knew that I'm goin to be sad and miss, so he sort of give/lend his jacket to me.

In the airport, he bought me a shirt as well. >w< I dont really wear those tourism type of tees but this is really nice hehe 

My first tourism type of tee :) 

Anyway, I had planned to remove my cbox if there's people spamming my cbox again in future with ads. :(

Ah well, I wish everyone Happy New Year ^^

Gahhh I miss him and started to feel a bit lonely now T-T

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Happy Xmas Eve!

Have you guys get everything prepared for tomorrow's Christmas? :)

Tell me how you celebrate urs because I'm gonna tell you how I celebrate mine tomorrow or on boxing day ^^

A Day Out

Yay, I'm going out!

Look how happy my Ariel was when I brought her out after she stucked at home for weeks lol

UFO's Spaceship.

Have any of you heard of UFO tart? Or also known as Cow Dung tart. This pastry was originated from my hometown, Sandakan, Sabah and it was a mistake at that time.

If you're coming to Sandakan, remember, do not miss the UFO tarts! Because they're freaking cute and delicious XD

UFO Tart

It looks like the photo above. 

The base is moderate sweet crunchy buttery cake. Yellow is made of custard and egg yolk while the white is from egg white and sugar. :) 

I think the best UFO tart that I could get in Sandakan is from a kopitiam called Chung Ming Hing in town.

Itakimasu! <3

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today is next day I came back to Sabah. And it's also my dear's first day in Sabah. Not only that, 9th December is our first anniversary.

Since we didnt celebrate much, I brought him to Hawaii Restaurant for lunch. We ordered set lunch :D

DSC_2035 copy

Pumpkin soup! Not really a fan of pumpkin tho DX

DSC_2039 copy

Yummy garlic bread!

DSC_2041 copy

Dear ordered black pepper chicken. I think it was quite yummy because it's not to peppery.

DSC_2046 copy

I ordered Mexican Steak but it was just okay for the meat. 

After that, we went and searched for UFO tart but couldnt find it. T_T 
So we ended up buying egg tarts instead XD 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Loli Day!

Today is International Lolita's Day!
No outing for me, just dressing up at home and enjoying my pizza :) 

Happy Loli Day to every Lolita girls on the earth! <3

Another annoucement, I will be selling contact lens too!
Still working on the blogshop.
If you wanna order now, just tell me what you're looking for and I'll reply ya ^^


Second Doll Outing

This is the second doll outing for my doll community page in Facebook :) 

It's unfortunate that some couldnt come but there's always next time!

Outing was held in MidValley yesterday. I really love the X'mas decorations in MidValley!
So lively and cute, filled with lotsa teddy bears! Not ordinary teddy bears, but HUGE teddy bears XD

Here comes the photo.

 Giant teddy!! Can be my bed if I owe it XD

Love the merry carousel!

Cute Santa <3

Okay, now, back to the outing XD

This cute lil thing belongs to Vivian

These princesses belongs to Vivian as well

Prince and princesses 8D

BJD belongs to Maru

Not much of photos and not planning to upload photos of their owners as well due to privacy reason. 

Looking forward for more exciting outings in the future! >D