Thursday, October 28, 2010

Curls look bad.

Makeup tutorial fail.
Makeup fail. 
Curls doesnt suit me afterall. 

I'll try to make ganguro makeup tutorial again tomorrow ;w;

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I feel like shouting or screaming now. 

Frustration is eating me up now. 
I dont have any mood to do my assignments.

I got mad and irritated by alarms.

I just dont understand why my bf sometimes doesnt willing to off the ringing alarm!


Can I please hire someone to do my work? ;w;
Even so, I dont have money now Lol. 


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Self Portrait
Self portrait of myself. My side looks damn pretty right? haha. 
At least, better than front look I guess :x

Gah I need some motivation! I need to start doing my assignments. Gosh. I'm not motivated at all. 

Dear is coming back from hometown around evening! 
I'm so happy! Being alone even just for 3 days really sucks.
I'm so clingy ;w; 

Okay til then :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

88th - Small Little Wonders

This is my 88th post and I think I had some luck today!

First, I went to class in the morning and my on-screen design for green bag has been approved! And yes, no changes at all! :D 

Afterward, I went to meet my new illustration lecturer; the old one has resigned. Talked to him a bit. I told him that I have not submit my earlier work to the resigned lecturer yet then he said it's okay, I can submit it later with my expressive portrait.

Then I asked, what is the size for the portrait. I wouldnt want to color A3 size portrait with just color pencils. The last time I did that, it took me 3 days. One was floral, another one was building. When he said, I can do it on A4 size, how awesome is that?! I got a little excited when he said I could use soft pastels! That save a lot of work for me XD

I thought the bus would left me but the driver stopped the bus for me! How kind!
In the bus, a Caucasian guy asked me; "How long is Chinese New Year?"
I totally went blank. I dont know the answer at all. 
After I got down from the bus, he approached me and asked
"Are you Chinese? Why dont you know how long is CNY?" LOLOL 

Got back home, had my lunch. Wrapped the parcels and went out again to send the parcels off.
While waiting for the bus, there's this Middle East girl with her boyfriend, an African came up to me.

"Do you wanna share the taxi with us?" She asked.
Well, I dont mind sharing a taxi with strangers if we're going to the same location. 
Then she said, "Oh, you dont have to pay me" and smiled. 

*And I dont think most locals will do that to strangers lol"

OMG! What happened today?!! 
It just feel so great. 
Those little wonders that you never expect would actually make your day. 

Hoho. I have another news for you guys. I might be launching my official site soon. It's not a blog but eventually, I link my blog with the site as well. It's about my portfolio,etc. I guess it's the time to get prepared now for my future career.

Love in your hands. 
God, thank you for the day!

p/s I thought I'm goin to sew my own green bag by myself. The printing company replied my email. So yeah, paid RM35 for just 1 green bag ;w;

Monday, October 11, 2010

Morning Sunshine!

I got a lot of assignments need to finish and yet, again, I'm slacking off watching American's Next Top Model on Youtube. 
Wtf much right? 

My bf asked "You wanna be model, is it?" I dont really wanted to be a model because I had few photoshoots before previously and I really couldnt handle the poses and etc. 
I just want to be a photographer. 

By the time I wanna hit the pillow around 7.30am, I saw how beautiful my Seena and Kureha were when the sunshine fell on their faces. 

As usual, couldnt help myself and took a photo of them; which I kinda like it ^^ 

I hope you guys like it as well :) 
Another thing that got into me was Ariel. I couldnt believe that I took her head and eyes off and started to work on her face plate straightaway. It was tough to remove the eyes, I got screwdriver poke on my finger when I was attempting to remove her eyes. What worry me most now; I afraid I cant put her eyes back like what I did to Meriel.
Hopefully not.

Here is the before photo of her. 

 Shining glossy face which I dont really fancy at all. 

Reshape eyes and nose a little. Craved her lips. 
Still, work in progress! 

So yeah, til next post then :) 
Any questions, you may ask me in Formspring or leave a comment below. 

p/s Sorry if you guys are not into these doll thing; it's just my passion. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th Of October 2010

Just another random post.

Another moment in my life; I feel like wanna quit studying. No talent and struggling in the wrong field.

What do I wanna do?

I wanted to learn more about makeup, dolls customizing, sewing,etc.
You might say "Why dont you just get married with someone?"
I dont know. Getting married isnt cheap. It costs a lot.

Ah. Whatever.
I have bad dreams recently. Again.
Even when I'm only half asleep. FML.
No need to sleep la if keep on dreaming.
I wanna stop from dreaming. I have not been stop from dreaming for the past 4-5 years.

I think I'm going crazy soon.

Boo me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010



She just arrived today!
Now I'm waiting from Clalaclan and Xecty to complete my Shining Wind bikini ver. :)

Have a nice day people!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hire Me Fund Me.

Hello everyone. I think as you know, I have some finance problem here.
I figured out something that I can do.

I'm now offering toy/doll photoshoot for RM120 only.
This package include 10 photos and you can choose extra 5 photos if you like!
Soft copy only (in CD). If you would like me to print it out, do request it.

Tell me if you're interested! :D

Some of my previous work.

Madeline Angelica

Madeline Madeline

Ariel Angelica

For more, do check my Flickr account.

For others like portrait and model, I will only go for outdoor photoshoot. 
However, I'm not so good in this field, so,
do check my Flickr account first before request.

Email me at

Thank you and hope to hear you soon ^^

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wednesday, it's not a good day for me.

This is the third day of my period, which means, I feel very weak right now. Basically, I feel like a sotong now = =

Another thing is; I overslept today. I missed my class. I really started to hate myself.
If the lecturer could thought of something negative on me, I couldnt blame her or explain much about it.
Things just happened.

Finance hasnt been so well to me as well. Paid off my new girl, Kureha.
My other girls need some modifications.
My assignments gonna cost me a bomb as well. I have packaging assignment again. Yes, again. Damnit.

By the way, I had added my flickr account here in my blog; on the right navigation bar.
I had flickr account long ago but kinda abandoned it. I guess it's the time I should be active back again.
I love dolls photography. I just couldnt help it. I love it more than other subjects.
I'm insanely obsessed with dolls. I'm planning to get Unoa long ago but I havent save up yet.
Not to mention that, I have few dolls that I want now. Call me insane, I know.

So, drop by and have a look :) Do leave a comment if you like to ^^

Some photos of my Pullip EOS (Steampunk series) around few days ago. Her name is Yume which mean 'dream' in Japanese. You may view the rest of the photos from my Flickr account.


"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please let your hair down..."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vaseline; Amazing Skin party

Hi everyone!

I think most of you already knew that I went for the Vaseline party (Nuffnang event) at Luna Bar. Unfortunately, I did not snap much photos because I'm really sucks in night photography. 

I went there with my friend, Vivi. The trip costs us much since I'm staying in Cyberjaya. 

So, yeah. Here's the photos.

 The crews setting up the instruments before the event starts.

This is the first blogger that I met during the event. Her name is Kathy. I love her tanned skin!
How I wish that I'm that tan T^T
You may visit her blog at

This is Kathy's sister, Ketry. :) 

Vivi, my date for the event lol

Two amazing bloggers and beauties; Viruspadu and Audrey. 
I dont know why Viruspadu was holding my elbow ._. And I feel so ugly when stood beside them ;w;

Anyway, visit them too!

 Event started, Jojo as MC. She's so gorgeous! I love how the way she brings herself :) 
Just in case if you wanted to check her blog, she blogs at

Kuah Jenhan, the comedian. Very spontaneous jokes. lol. 
You can check him out from his Youtube channel at

I'm unsure if he has a blog but he does own a twitter and Facebook page. 
You may see the link from his Youtube channel :)

I think most of you already familiar with the name; Yuna. She's a singer and songwriter; both English and Malay songs. I think I would buy her new album called Decorate for my uncle in Aussie lol. 

If not mistaken, you can find her from Youtube, so yeah, try listen to her songs.

Me, after came back from the party.
Felt super tired. I didnt win anything which is kinda sad to me.

Like Kathy said, we did not win anything but all we earned are experience and memories. 

And I got freebies too!
I had tried Vaseline healthy hand & nail conditioning. 

I think it's nice. I dont know bout my hand, it doesnt really shows any improvement because my hands are like super coarse. But I can see the changes on my nails. 

I have very weak nails and it turned semi transparent and yellow.
After I tried it, my nails became stronger and yellowish faded a little. 
How amazing!