Saturday, December 4, 2010

Second Doll Outing

This is the second doll outing for my doll community page in Facebook :) 

It's unfortunate that some couldnt come but there's always next time!

Outing was held in MidValley yesterday. I really love the X'mas decorations in MidValley!
So lively and cute, filled with lotsa teddy bears! Not ordinary teddy bears, but HUGE teddy bears XD

Here comes the photo.

 Giant teddy!! Can be my bed if I owe it XD

Love the merry carousel!

Cute Santa <3

Okay, now, back to the outing XD

This cute lil thing belongs to Vivian

These princesses belongs to Vivian as well

Prince and princesses 8D

BJD belongs to Maru

Not much of photos and not planning to upload photos of their owners as well due to privacy reason. 

Looking forward for more exciting outings in the future! >D


domokun said...

the dolls are so cute>< how much izzit for one of dem?is it expensive?

Merrinette said...

Thanks :)
They're around 300 above each
If collaboration or limited edition, might be around 400 above