Wednesday, October 13, 2010

88th - Small Little Wonders

This is my 88th post and I think I had some luck today!

First, I went to class in the morning and my on-screen design for green bag has been approved! And yes, no changes at all! :D 

Afterward, I went to meet my new illustration lecturer; the old one has resigned. Talked to him a bit. I told him that I have not submit my earlier work to the resigned lecturer yet then he said it's okay, I can submit it later with my expressive portrait.

Then I asked, what is the size for the portrait. I wouldnt want to color A3 size portrait with just color pencils. The last time I did that, it took me 3 days. One was floral, another one was building. When he said, I can do it on A4 size, how awesome is that?! I got a little excited when he said I could use soft pastels! That save a lot of work for me XD

I thought the bus would left me but the driver stopped the bus for me! How kind!
In the bus, a Caucasian guy asked me; "How long is Chinese New Year?"
I totally went blank. I dont know the answer at all. 
After I got down from the bus, he approached me and asked
"Are you Chinese? Why dont you know how long is CNY?" LOLOL 

Got back home, had my lunch. Wrapped the parcels and went out again to send the parcels off.
While waiting for the bus, there's this Middle East girl with her boyfriend, an African came up to me.

"Do you wanna share the taxi with us?" She asked.
Well, I dont mind sharing a taxi with strangers if we're going to the same location. 
Then she said, "Oh, you dont have to pay me" and smiled. 

*And I dont think most locals will do that to strangers lol"

OMG! What happened today?!! 
It just feel so great. 
Those little wonders that you never expect would actually make your day. 

Hoho. I have another news for you guys. I might be launching my official site soon. It's not a blog but eventually, I link my blog with the site as well. It's about my portfolio,etc. I guess it's the time to get prepared now for my future career.

Love in your hands. 
God, thank you for the day!

p/s I thought I'm goin to sew my own green bag by myself. The printing company replied my email. So yeah, paid RM35 for just 1 green bag ;w;


fzikuz said...

ouh, wonderful..
Pray for your success in future!! ^^

Kian Fai said...

lucky day fer you ~~
u study where? reply on tweet ya =P

Ronnie said...

wow... good days are hard to find

Cereal said...

today went just like ur post, ''88!'' XD

SonnyKazu said...

hehe... waiting for your new blog ya! Good luck! :D

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

this is gonna be a lucky post for you! :D

Merrinette said...

fzikuz: appreciate that much, thank you! :)

Kian Fai: XD holy yeah!

Ronnie: Agree~

Cereal: Aww, thanks dear :)

Kazu: Thanks! :)

Teh: Yeah! :D

calvinn said...


yee said...

sweet! can't wait for your new site!

*JacQueliNe* said...

Yer..damn nice! Hahah..
it make ur day even awesome..
hope ur luck nvr end..=)