Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Names

I went to Aquaria yesterday. Was irritated by Middle East people during the visit. They're so rude! Just bump on me without saying sorry, they even push me! But nevermind, I managed to cool down.

Sorry, I dont have any nice photo to show you guys, all photos turned out to be grainy and blurry because of the lighting in Aquaria. 
RM35 per entry for Malaysian; I just think it's too much. Not really worth it.

Anyway, I had our names written on rice. Glow in the dark rice but seems to be not so glowy due to my choice of pendant :(

His name

My name

*click on the picture for larger view*

RM30 for glow in the dark rice + necklace. Not bad, huh?
RM25 for normal rice.

After looking at all those fishes, I feel like eating fish. 

Thus, Saba grill for my lunch!
Look at the yummy looking flesh and crispy skin! Yum yum~~ 

Another thing that I had found out; something random after I went to Aquaria.

Stingrays are cute and yummy!


Victor Tan said...

Middle East, the ones covering the whole body? lols. If yes, you shouldn't blame them, they can't see properly. lols

Merrinette said...

Lol nope, they're the modern ones!

Ronnie said...

indeed the Aquaria KLCC not that worth it....only a short distance !

k~^|n said...

the pendant quite nice..haha can see that ur name are way too long for the rice..haha

H.Prakash said...

the writing with rice thing is so cool!!

Merrinette said...

Ronnie: AGREE!!

Blackie: haha thanks, yalor, so damn long, should hv shorten it :(

Prakash: :D

Jessy said...

Love the rice pendant...hehe=) yep yep i think 35 is kinda exp tooo!

Camy said...

the rice thing is nice =D

JLean said...

Dropping by ere Merrinette. =)

Nana Eddy said...

First off, I love your header.

I had always wanted to get one of those, but usually ends up deciding against it. I could alwys find something else to do with the money, like eat for 2 days. lols. yes, sometimes I can be a real cheapskate too.

Salty Bodice Ripper said...

hehe i posted my ex's name on rice too, to Singapore but the rice didnt make it, the necklace did. haha

Philip Khor said...

yeah, obviously aquaria's ridiculous entrance fee puts people off.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about the rice necklace... are they really rice??
and aquaria has not much too see either *A*

Merrinette said...

Camy: thanks!

John: thanks!

Nana: thanks! I get what you mean hehe! I do that too sometimes XD

Salty: lol i see

Philip: agree! :(

白き優鬱: i would give 7/10 :) but the price is reasonable, so yeah, quite okay.. just the entrance fees of aquaria is a bit too much >_<

candy10 said...

i like the rice thing ^^ btw, love ur hair color too ... =)

Baby said...

stingrays memang yummy