Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update Update

I'm still alive, just in case you're wondering why I hasnt been updating my blog ;w;

I'm kinda busy with my assignments because it's my final semester now. Another reasons are I'm sick and frustrated with unknown spot that suddenly appeared on my face (lower lips area). But it's okay, I'm better now.

Besides, I'm really addicted to RO. Yes, I'm back to Ragnarok >w< 
Anyone mind to join me? It's really bored to game alone sometimes :( 
Tell me if you're gonna play with me or you're already playing in RebirthRO.

Private server; RebirthRO.
Server: Tyr

*A siggy I made from a simulator <3333. Tell me if you know what's the headgear because I really like it!*

And an apology to Innit bloggers. I miss the second outing again with you guys. Really wanted to meet up but I couldnt help it, finance problem blows me up. So sorry, everyone!


Kian Fai said...

I come join you, later will post my nic

Merrinette said...

Thank you! XD

Philip Khor said...

will wait for you lah. hold on there!