Friday, March 5, 2010

Kids are freaking lucky nowadays.

Settled my payment yesterday and just settled my schedule today.

I saw some drama today during on the way back to Cyberia. A China girl was yelling at a China guy and yelling at someone on the phone. She cried and yelled from the bus til reached Cyberia.

Anyway, I bought some stuff yesterday when I went to IOI. Here are them.

Cheap socks from Mini Toons.
RM 5.96 each pair

I went to F.O.S again just to find some cute tees, especially from tokidoki and Harajuku's Lovers.
I bought these in F.O.S kids / teens section. 

Kids nowadays are damn lucky. They have tonnes of cute stuff that cannot fit in me. 
I hate them! 

Some pants for sleeping.

Bought this sleepwear because Kyde thinks it's cute.

Isn't it gorgeous?
I bought this from Daiso, the last one. 
Did not expect will see something like this in Daiso haha

As usual, Friday is a vegetarian day for me. 

Ate at home today. 

Pandan Mantou

My FAILED Tamago 
Planned to make egg roll but it stick on the pan.
Sad case.

Random Miso Soup. 
That's my dinner for today!

I bought a Harajuku's Lover perfume when I came back from Aussie. It's 23 AUD (duty free) in the airport. 


Til next time 

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