Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rest In Peace, Kuri.

Again, I went to Cyberjaya from Wangsa Maju to check on Kuri's condition today. When I reached my apartment, saw my housemate and his friend doing something in the living room. So, I asked Kyde to take Kuri; along with the cage into my room.

He was still breathing but obviously he had gotten weaker and thinner. I tried to give Kuri few drops of water using my finger but he was not drinking. After awhile, I realized that he was not moving anymore. I did took Kuri's photos after he passed away. Maybe you will think I should not do that but it is Kuri's moment of death to me, which supposedly a memorial.

Kuri was born on 3rd August 2009 and passed away on 24th February 2010 around 4.40pm. 

I covered Kuri with a small piece of white fabric. And planned to bury him with Puri that passed away on 22th January 2010.

Not to forget my current living hammies; Furi and Furu. I gave them some treats and played with them for awhile. Photos were snapped by Kyde.


I am kinda worry bout this little guy's health. He is double the size of normal winter white hamster.. 

Enormous Furi

It has not been easy to take photos of Furu because he is hyperactive.

Eating dry cabbage as a treat

Sniffing my fingers

I like this photo but it is not so clear, he wont stand still less than 3 seconds I guess
Kyde wanted to do a comparion between Furi and Furu. Check out their sizes.

Furi's fur is whiter and with brown base color coating while Furu has grey base color coating.

After that, I went back to Wangsa Maju with Kuri.
Kyde brought me to the park where he burried Puri. 

I started to dig a small hole using my hand; covered with plastic bag. I fell and "AHH" when I tried to pulled the roots in the soil. After that I continued to dig again.

I heard a man's voice. I asked Kyde if he heard any but he couldnt heard me asking him. He told me that I only have 10 mins to get this burial done and we must get out from there with a serious face. I asked him why and he replied " just do what I said for once! "

At first thought, maybe someone is coming or it is goin to rain; in my mind. 

I continued to dig the hole...

and placed Kuri in there.. 

Afterwards, I cover the hole with the soil again..

And covered the soil with the leaves as I dont want any animals or human to discover the existance of Kuri.
When we're walking away from the park, I sensed or kinda heard footsteps behind me. I turned and looked but there's no one. I kept on asking Kyde, "did you see anything?" and "they are here, arent they?"

He insisted to tell after we get out from that park and he told me that there's around five of them.

He said I disturbed them when I fell and one of them gave us warning.

" only have 10 mins.. "

Sometimes it made me felt their existance when I realized Kyde saw something. He told me to ignore it so they will not do anything to me.

So yeah,  

Rest In Peace My Beloved Kuri

Kuri will be a part of the big tree from today onwards.

Anyway, if you feel anything strange; existence of spirits, please ignore it and act normally. Not to mention, no loud voices at quiet places when the day turned dark.

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