Monday, October 11, 2010

Morning Sunshine!

I got a lot of assignments need to finish and yet, again, I'm slacking off watching American's Next Top Model on Youtube. 
Wtf much right? 

My bf asked "You wanna be model, is it?" I dont really wanted to be a model because I had few photoshoots before previously and I really couldnt handle the poses and etc. 
I just want to be a photographer. 

By the time I wanna hit the pillow around 7.30am, I saw how beautiful my Seena and Kureha were when the sunshine fell on their faces. 

As usual, couldnt help myself and took a photo of them; which I kinda like it ^^ 

I hope you guys like it as well :) 
Another thing that got into me was Ariel. I couldnt believe that I took her head and eyes off and started to work on her face plate straightaway. It was tough to remove the eyes, I got screwdriver poke on my finger when I was attempting to remove her eyes. What worry me most now; I afraid I cant put her eyes back like what I did to Meriel.
Hopefully not.

Here is the before photo of her. 

 Shining glossy face which I dont really fancy at all. 

Reshape eyes and nose a little. Craved her lips. 
Still, work in progress! 

So yeah, til next post then :) 
Any questions, you may ask me in Formspring or leave a comment below. 

p/s Sorry if you guys are not into these doll thing; it's just my passion. :)


Chuen said... can actually detach the face? so pro...

chris federick said...

a unique passion! keep it up.

Anonymous said...

ah I don't really like the glossy face either ;u;
the one that's a work in progress...
you have to carve them yourself??

Merrinette said...

Chuen: yes, kinda easy to detach except for the eyes part ;w;

Chris: thank you!!

Shiro: glossy face looks weird..looks like so freaking oily XD yes,by myself :)

DanielCtw said...

Power... Photographer and model at the same time. :)

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh, nice shape!

Merrinette said...

Daniel: Not exactly a model tho :x

Tolanic: XD I know right!

Sherry Degarmo said...

like the pic u took!

Merrinette said...

Thanks Sherry!

sirei said...

wow! u have some unique skills!