Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad day.

Went back to Cyberjaya from Wangsa Maju to register for my new semester. I did not expect it was so troublesome and I have not get my payment done yet. They made me went up and down and waited for hours. Limkokwing Uni's management is getting worse by each semester.

I was supposed to pay 12.5k+ for this semester since I will be repeating two subjects (each cost RM1k+). I finally get my money back from a exempted subject during Foundation year ; Communication Studies which cost RM826.

After end of the day, I settled partially of the registration and I have to pay RM 11.5k now. It was a relieve for me. I will try my best again this year to get the scholarship. Wish me luck!

I was quite worried of my hammies in Cyberia, so I went back to have a look on them. I saw all of them were still breathing until I realized something was wrong with Kuri.

I touched him and he was not moving. So, I picked him up. Realizing that he is dying and it was too late to take him to the vet. I really dont know what is the reason that made him sick until this point. I afraid I cannot see him again so I took photos of Kuri.


From this angle, he looks like he's sleeping peacefully... 

From here, he looks really fragile and gasping for air.. 

So sorry Kuri for not taking a good care of you.. 

After the shock bout Kuri, the condition of my house had gotten worse.

He used my boxes without permission to put his beanies. There's beanies everywhere on the floor and some of it got into my room as well.

Went to the kitchen, saw something horrible in the sink. He used my bowl and my cutlery without my permission and without washing them, I dont know how long they had been there already. And the sink was filled with coffee beans and some disgusting food stuff.

I was really mad at him so I called him. He did not answer my calls so I texted him and told him that I wanted him to be out from this apartment.

He came back and he talked to me bout it. Both of us were mad. He said I have no right to kick him out. Maybe I should make the landlord to kick his ass outta the apartment. I hate him so much!

After the talk with anger within me, my mum called and gave me another problem. She was giving more and more pressure on me recently after I told her bout Kyde, my boyfriend. At first, she wants me to quit studies and get married. Now, she said if I dont work harder and get good result, I will die.

Even when I'm blogging, my fucking laptop gave me problems as well. Blue screen popped up for 3-4 times when I'm blogging. I really feel so fucked up now.

Gonna check on Kuri's condition tomorrow and return my book from the library so that I can make the payment.

Hope things will be better soon.

p/s Good luck to Nana as well for your coming quizzes and test. We're both fucked up this time. Sorry to Kyde for having me blasting my anger on you...again...

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