Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dizzy again.

I went to KLCC again! This time, I bought some stuff.

2 pairs of DollyWink eyelashes, Kate stick concealer,  Majolica Majorca's stuff. 

I spent another few hundreds in Kinokuniya. Found myself mistakenly bought an extra magazine. Thus, I am selling this away. Please email me or tell me if you want to buy this k? 

Cover 1

Cover 2
You may choose your desired cover, since I dont mind which cover I am getting. Original price is RM46.90 but I am selling it at RM45 along with postage. 

I bought this cute notebook on the past few days. The one that I mentioned for my assignment notes.

Isn't it cute?! :D
I am such a big spender. Qcute has not reply me yet, I wanted to order some lolita stuff. Plus I wanted to order from Bodyline because I lost my bloomer. I feel kinda sad. I dont even realised that I lost it! Anyone wanted to order from Bodyline, please inform me. I will order em next week. 

A new photo of myself. The reason why I dislike to take photo during night time, it's because they will turn out so bad. So, I will try not to snap photo during night time again.


I wonder what's wrong with me. I feel dizzy from time to time since the day I came back from Taiping. 
I began to worry bout it now. :( 

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