Saturday, February 27, 2010


Went to KLCC with Kyde on Thursday. I dropped by at Sasa to check if they have DollyWink. Look at below if you dont know bout DollyWink.

Arent them awesome? !

Felt myself floating and overwhelmed in excitement but my heart sank when I saw the price. It cost RM55.90 each. It is pretty expensive for a pair of lashes thou. 

I fell in love with Majolica Majorca stuff as well. Their casings and designs are so damn awesome!

*Sorry guys, couldnt find nice photo*
There's golden and silver color for the casing.
RM24.90 for the case
RM55.90 for the refill

Kyde took the flyers for Majolica Majorca because he thinks they look cool. In the end, I'm the one that took them. Haha.
After that, I saw LG Lollipop. It is so damn cute! I never buy a mobile for myself. Seriously, never. My mum bought them for me as my birthday present. How lucky am I right?! 

It cost around RM799 - RM899 now. Waiting for the price to drop T_T

 Obviously, I want the Pink! 

Kinokuniya is a must-go-place for me whenever I go KLCC. I spent RM160+ on some books. Kodomo Manga which cost me RM99.90 and it was the last book! It is damn awesome. It is bout chibi drawing and now I feel like learning Adobe Illustrator T___T 

I bought two paperbacks of Alice in Wonderland. And one cute Rilakkuma notebook for my new semester notes. Thanks for Kyde. If without him, I would had spent more. This is why, bookstores are extremely dangerous to me. 

So yeah, I need a lot of money now. I need a tablet so much. I wanted to learn how to draw. Shame on me for having no appearance and talents at all!!! T^T

I am selling my stuff off. Please have a look! More will be updated soon when I go back to Cyberjaya on Sunday. 

You may reserve them first if you like them with deposit of RM50. You may send me an email or add me in MSN if you have any question or wanted to order. 

Now, I think everyone is very familiar with Pocky.
Pocky is originated from Japan. Here, in Malaysia, we have our Malaysia version of Pocky which called Rocky. 

This is one of my all time snacks. I wonder why the Milk flavour comes in such small size for either Pocky or Rocky. Really curious bout it. 
Recently, I bought something else. Hello Panda.

I used to eat them when I was small. It is cute and nice.
And I got Kyde addicted to this. And he bought another big pack of Hello Panda. XD

I wanna watch Chu-Bra!! now and maybe start doodling again.  


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