Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fed Up.

This post will be filled with my complains. So, please bear with me.

First, I had a terrible time over the past few days.

Since Kyde went back, I will be eating alone, since I'm too lazy to go down. I thought I can cook for my dinner. Stepped into the kitchen and saw this.

I know. Very disgusting right? Photos were taken today. Few days ago, it's worse. I can see few of my spoon in there, shouting for help. 

I had a photoshoot on Tuesday but it was a bad photoshoot. 
How do you describe Sailormoon?

Super long blonde ponytails + sailor fuku = Sailormoon?

Where the hell do you get this idea from? 

Okay. During the photoshoot, I dont really smile, I did smile but I cant smile widely til my two rows of teeth can be seen. I just cant. Dont ask me why. 

Another thing, I cant pose. I told them earlier that I cant pose.

They were trying to "communicate" with me in Malay. Since they knew I'm from Sabah, they kinda made fun of me. They "tried" to talk to me in Sabahan Malay. 
Please, I do understand whatever shit you talked bout me. It just I kept quiet and I dont speak Malay, does not mean that I dont understand Malay. 

She said pose like what you had posed in all of your photos in Facebook. 
I dont remember I'm posing like a model or a cheerful person. Mostly, neutral. No extreme poses and moderate smiles only, as I remember.

I saw frustration in their eyes. Lastly, they asked someone to replaced me, exchanged clothes. 

During the photoshoot, I really dont know what to say anymore, looking at how my wig been played around. 
I dont like it because I dont think they respect me. Please, if you ask someone to be your model without paying them, please respect them. 

And yeah, Sailormoon image had been ruined with all those sluttly poses. Sorry to say that. 

Luckily, Kyde came back earlier. He wanted to give me a suprise actually but it was a bad day for me. Mood changed to positive when I saw him again. He bought me two pieces of cakes from Secret Recipe as well :)

Few days after that, I checked my sailor fuku and wigs.

I dont know whether you can see it or not. Just click on photo if you cant.

Clearer photo. Look at the stain.

I think can be washed off by sending it to dry clean. Gonna waste RM20+ again. 
They should really pay me for this.

Next, more frustrating for me. My ponytails.

Pony tail 1

Pony tail 2

I really dont know how to fix it anymore. Feel like cutting if off. My RM240 wig had been ruined.

If you're wondering why I dont ask them to fix it?

Their brushing skill is wrong. I saw it because I asked them to help me to brush it before the photoshoot because I need to get prepared. 

I just dont want to make it more worse.

Fuck this shit, huh?

Overall, I just think they're not professional at all.

Lack of patience. 
Did not show photos to model.
Too many demands.

I'm a free model as requested.

It's just a bit over for me. 

A lesson to be learnt, I dont want to borrow any of my stuff to someone else anymore. 
And I dont want to be a model for unprofessional amateur photographers anymore. 

I had no prob with my previous photoshoots with my friends; Hansen, Joy and Kiki because they direct the photoshoot well and they respect me.

Enough for today, My current nails. Did not color em for so long.

Dont think this color suits me. =/

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