Friday, April 16, 2010

Piece of Shit.

People, as you know, Israel citizens are forbidden to enter Malaysia. That is not entirely true.

There's a huge number of them here, in Malaysia nowadays.

For example, I have one housemate from Jerusalem. 

My patience had reached my limit. He is very rude and he does not has any basic logical manners. 

Yesterday, when I woke up and walked out from my room, I saw a cat. First thing that I taught of, my hamsters. They were freaked out and luckily, they are still safe. 

I asked him, did you let the cat in? 

He replied "What did the cat do?"

After I told him that it attacked my hamsters and poo-ed on my laptop bag, he started to denied it and putting the blame on me. 

He said I put the cat food at outside and the cat will come. 

Yes, I indeed did that but if you did not let the cat entered the house, nothing will happen. 

No matter how many times I sweep or mop the floor, he or his friends will get it dirty again within 3 days or less. They saw me cleaning the house but they still walk around the house with shoes on!
How could they dont have sense of consideration? 

They never clean the house, except for me and my another female housemate only.I bet he thinks we're his maids!

Another thing, like I said before, he likes to use people stuff without permission. He used my violin box for this. 

Look at this disgusting shit in the sink. I really cannot stand him anymore. Me and my housemates had cleaned the kitchen for dont know how many fucking times and I had scolded him for this as well but he still did the same thing!

I dont know how many weeks this leftover food had been placed there. See the dark spots? They're actually ant nests. I killed them for so many times, but since he messed up the kitchen, the ants will just come back again and again. 

Since it's our last month staying here, he has been doing things in his own way as in we are invisible. Do whatever he likes.

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