Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hi people! 

I had received my parcels from Chocomint and CoolCat today!

Arent them so cute?? <3
Accessories from Chocomint
Earphone from Chocomint
Thinking of selling it at first but guess not XD

Stuff from CoolCat 

Since I'm quite excited, I removed Meriel's hair.

Cute right? Looks like egg XD
*Scalp removed with hair*

Meriel: Ahh! I'm bald! XD

But I stop because lack of tools and went to Alamanda for dinner. 
As usual, I'm a vegetarian on Friday, my boyfriend will follow it as well.
I can eat seafood on Friday because they're not considered as meat =/




After the full-bloated dinner, we went for movie. 

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training.

My reviews.
-Freaking funny
-Awesome actions!
-Violence overloads
-Erotic scenes
-Uncensored words and scenes

So, watch it! It's a worth watching movie if you're looking for an action comedy!

My coordination for Friday.  

I look damn tanned. 

Accessories: Chocomint
Top: Tokidoki
Bottom: FOS
Boots: Bodyline

Before I forget, you knows knew that I had a semi-photoshoot on Tuesday right?
Well, I asked her to give me the soft copy before the photoshoot, she said okay, no problem.
Since she did not find me for days, so yeah, I asked for it. 

Notice the word "exedently"? 
It took me few seconds before I knew what exactly it means, supposed to be "accidentally"

Hmmn.. after all those crap and made me went to campus just to help her with her photoshoot, I get nothing but stained sailor fuku and tangled ponytails (wig).

Not to mention, disrespect me. She done it again by deleting the soft copy. As I know, minimum will be 2mb memory card which can store approximately 900 images

 As I remember, price for dry clean cost me around RM15-25 for my sailor fuku. 
She cant afford to pay RM15-25? 
I really wonder what she's eating in this month. 

Obviously, she IS taking advantage of me. Maybe because I'm a stranger and a Chinese? 

I asked her to check my photos in my Facebook for couple of times, just to confirm whether she still want me to be the model or not. Bet she did not go and check em. 

I wont be posing as a slut. Not a slutty fake Sailormoon. Such a disgrace.

Still, I dont think she's gonna pay me back. 


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