Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot Drama

Previously, there's a drama in Facebook. Fortunately, it has ended. If you wish to read the epic drama, please proceed to here .

Yesterday, someone sent me a message in Facebook.

*Kindly click on photo to enlarge*

I was amused when I saw this message. First of all, she came from nowhere and flamed me. 
Second, her English is hilarious.

Some of you might not understand it, so I will do the translation :)

It is supposed to sound like this.

Hey, you cant say anything on what people gonna wear during Bon Odori, it's their freedom! And dont think that you're smart, you're also pussy dick childish. 

I cant reply her because she had blocked me before/after she sent me the message.
She did sent messages to my friends as well, just to scold them and in the same way, just to humiliate herself.

Haruji PM-ed me in MSN and sent me this.

*Kindly click on photo to enlarge*

They printscreen-ed this image to me as I cant view her profile.

I'm not sure which one is her, since she has only this phone in her profile =/

Needless for me to describe those in the photo, you know what I'm trying to say right? :)

I have to say that she has such sense of humor or I should say, talent to humiliate herself.

I dont really understand what's she's trying to say but oh well, here is it :) 

Fuck all of you, cosplayers. Whatever people want to wear, let them wear. Why are you so busybody, say people is Lala. You shitty people are Lala-s as well! Pussy Dick People!

Honestly, I was having a hard time to translate for this, for the sake of those that cannot understand Chinese language. 

(PS: Lala is commonly used on dumb/brainless/typical Chinese teenagers, for more details, just email me)

Why is she so mad about?
Does that mean, she admitted that she's a Lala?

I did not even mentioned that I'm smart, maybe she thinks I am. 

Thank you, Wong Huiyen, if you're reading this. 

You just raised my fame by humiliating yourself. :)

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