Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I went to bed early on last Saturday and Aiman gave us cupcakes for their anniversary!

Arent them lovely?

I fail in cupcake baking, no idea why. LOL. 

Anyway, if you're interested in ordering cute decorated cupcakes, you may order from
MyLovely Cupcakes.

Basically, they do COD in Kelana Jaya and Cyberjaya but you may also request them to send the cupcakes to your place with agreed charges for delivery :)

I had been doing my assignments while slacking....a LOT!!.  I just couldnt find idea for it. Thanks to Kyde and Aiko for giving me some ideas! :) 

Anyone know bout Camelia or Cammie? I had been ignoring her for quite away, leaving her dusty in the corner. Felt kinda guilty, so I cleaned her and snapped some photos of her.

Emily says she looks human-like in this photo *_*

Nana said she looks like she's online-ing o_o

Sleeping on Carebear pillow lol

Cammie: Do you want some of this? :) 

What can I say anymore, my baby Cammie is pretty!!

Besides, I had few incidents bout my housemate and my job.

Housemate just couldnt make more trouble for us. They do whatever they want and use people's stuff without permission. I cleaned the house and now, it got dirtier than previous.

I really wonder if his parents did taught him manners or not, OR they are all the same!

As for job, I think I made my boss and Suky mad. Sorry. It just, I feel kinda stress out with my assignments. :( I really feel like wanna quit this month.

Happy because the postman called me and telling me that he had arrived at my doorstep! I asked my boyfriend to oepn the door for me since I'm still sleeping LOL 

As expected, it's Meriel that I bought from Betty!!

She's Neo Blythe Can Can Cat.

Had been customized; sand-matted face, lips craved, new lashes, hair had been cut to shorter lenght and her sleepy eyes are quite awesome!

She's with her bare face now til I have my free time to do faceup on her >_<

She's still pretty without any faceup. Really love how the lips is craved. 
Anyway, Meriel means sea-bright :) Do you think it suits her? 

Aside from all those stress and troubles, I still have my major trouble that bothers me a lot.

I am wondering where should I live during May. I am homeless. 

Okay, gonna do my assignments now or perhaps, just bath and sleep.

Gonna continue in the morning as I will be skipping the class. Design Heritage, it's boring. 
All I have to do is to find my lecturer in the faculty to show her the essay outline. 

Okay. Off now.

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