Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love Closet Child.

It makes me worry since yesterday and kept wondering why my Closet Child package has not arrived yet.

It was delayed due to custom. Nearly retained and managed to escape from it. Thank you Closet Child for helping me to mark down the prices!!

I really really LOVE Closet Child. I can reserve on items for a month. They're selling second hand clothes (Japanese brands) which focus on Lolita, Gothic and Punk. Since some of the brands dont do international shipping, I can only buy second hand from Closet Child. Plus, they're cheaper! <3

Anyway, here's what I had bought ^^

Shirt from Putumayo. So damn cute!!

Skirt from MILK. It was a luck to get this skirt. MILK items usually very high priced eventhou they're second hand - due to no international shipping. 

More accessories from Chocomint. They're new :D

Hurmn..I forgot where is this from ._.
Anyway, I got it for my boyfriend because I think it's cool. Lol. 

I'm still waiting for my Tea Party Shoes from Qcute :( 
Hope they arrive tomorrow!! 

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