Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm touched!

I went to uni this morning, despite that I do not have class today, just to meet up with my lecturer.

Too bad, she had fell sick and was absent today. 

Had my lunch and picked up my laundry before I went home.

What really annoyed me when I checked on my doll page in FB; someone trying to invite people to Lowyat forum's thread. I deleted the post.

If you're curious on why do I got annoyed, I would say, I just didnt like few persons in the thread.

At first, one of them sort of sent an invitation to join LYN forum in my CF forum thread. I dont really mind bout it that time and after awhile I got into LYN forum thread, I felt that I really dislike it. 

If you're one of the person from LYN forum thread and reading this, please do not question me much on that matter. I do not wish to talk about it.  I dont really care how you judge me but yeah, sorry bout that.

I was checking my mail and hoping that my lecturers had replied me. Then I saw an email from a regular and understanding customer of mine. She said, she had sent a gift to me just to cheer me up after reading my emo blog post in my blog. The gift was picked by her and her friend.
It was really a surprise. I was speechless.
I meant like...

where in the world, there's customers that will give gift to their seller, right???

Thank you so much, both of you!!
I am really grateful. It's not even a friend that would give me a gift to cheer me up but both of you did!

I'm really happy bout it! *jumps around*


The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

That's nice. Anyway, I am following your blog now

Ronnie said...

that is called friendship....not just for the sake of business !

Kelly C said...

they appreciates you and sayang u

Merrinette said...

Meo: thank you!

Ronnie: haha yeah :D

Kelly: think so too! <3

Netster said...

I love your customer!

Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better now :)

sometime we gets up and down... :D

it's not your hormone right? hahaha just checking hehehehe

cheers Merrinette! Thanks for your comment on my blog, you're awesome!

Merrinette said...

Thank you Nester!
I felt much more better now ^^
Hehe, unsure if it's hormone but definitely not caused by menstrual :)