Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hire Me Fund Me.

Hello everyone. I think as you know, I have some finance problem here.
I figured out something that I can do.

I'm now offering toy/doll photoshoot for RM120 only.
This package include 10 photos and you can choose extra 5 photos if you like!
Soft copy only (in CD). If you would like me to print it out, do request it.

Tell me if you're interested! :D

Some of my previous work.

Madeline Angelica

Madeline Madeline

Ariel Angelica

For more, do check my Flickr account.

For others like portrait and model, I will only go for outdoor photoshoot. 
However, I'm not so good in this field, so,
do check my Flickr account first before request.

Email me at

Thank you and hope to hear you soon ^^


kelhome said...

good business..i believe it will high demand

Merrinette said...

Thank you! I really hope I can earn a lil while studying because cant keep asking for money from parents..

Sherry Degarmo said...

all the best merrin :)