Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wednesday, it's not a good day for me.

This is the third day of my period, which means, I feel very weak right now. Basically, I feel like a sotong now = =

Another thing is; I overslept today. I missed my class. I really started to hate myself.
If the lecturer could thought of something negative on me, I couldnt blame her or explain much about it.
Things just happened.

Finance hasnt been so well to me as well. Paid off my new girl, Kureha.
My other girls need some modifications.
My assignments gonna cost me a bomb as well. I have packaging assignment again. Yes, again. Damnit.

By the way, I had added my flickr account here in my blog; on the right navigation bar.
I had flickr account long ago but kinda abandoned it. I guess it's the time I should be active back again.
I love dolls photography. I just couldnt help it. I love it more than other subjects.
I'm insanely obsessed with dolls. I'm planning to get Unoa long ago but I havent save up yet.
Not to mention that, I have few dolls that I want now. Call me insane, I know.

So, drop by and have a look :) Do leave a comment if you like to ^^

Some photos of my Pullip EOS (Steampunk series) around few days ago. Her name is Yume which mean 'dream' in Japanese. You may view the rest of the photos from my Flickr account.


"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please let your hair down..."


Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...


TOLANIC said...

The eyes are so big and some more like looking at me. =)

Lukey Luke Phang! said...

haha got barbie ma?

Merrinette said...

Teal: Thanks!

Tolanic: It's good :D

Dori: haha no, not a fan of barbie since small except for their animation XD