Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vaseline; Amazing Skin party

Hi everyone!

I think most of you already knew that I went for the Vaseline party (Nuffnang event) at Luna Bar. Unfortunately, I did not snap much photos because I'm really sucks in night photography. 

I went there with my friend, Vivi. The trip costs us much since I'm staying in Cyberjaya. 

So, yeah. Here's the photos.

 The crews setting up the instruments before the event starts.

This is the first blogger that I met during the event. Her name is Kathy. I love her tanned skin!
How I wish that I'm that tan T^T
You may visit her blog at

This is Kathy's sister, Ketry. :) 

Vivi, my date for the event lol

Two amazing bloggers and beauties; Viruspadu and Audrey. 
I dont know why Viruspadu was holding my elbow ._. And I feel so ugly when stood beside them ;w;

Anyway, visit them too!

 Event started, Jojo as MC. She's so gorgeous! I love how the way she brings herself :) 
Just in case if you wanted to check her blog, she blogs at

Kuah Jenhan, the comedian. Very spontaneous jokes. lol. 
You can check him out from his Youtube channel at

I'm unsure if he has a blog but he does own a twitter and Facebook page. 
You may see the link from his Youtube channel :)

I think most of you already familiar with the name; Yuna. She's a singer and songwriter; both English and Malay songs. I think I would buy her new album called Decorate for my uncle in Aussie lol. 

If not mistaken, you can find her from Youtube, so yeah, try listen to her songs.

Me, after came back from the party.
Felt super tired. I didnt win anything which is kinda sad to me.

Like Kathy said, we did not win anything but all we earned are experience and memories. 

And I got freebies too!
I had tried Vaseline healthy hand & nail conditioning. 

I think it's nice. I dont know bout my hand, it doesnt really shows any improvement because my hands are like super coarse. But I can see the changes on my nails. 

I have very weak nails and it turned semi transparent and yellow.
After I tried it, my nails became stronger and yellowish faded a little. 
How amazing!


Blur Pei said...

Hihi, i saw u yest there at the event. sorry was not able to greet u~

viruspadu said...

"I dont know why Viruspadu was holding my elbow"


I also doknowwhy lah hahaha.

Suka dapat kenal u

hope to see u soon :)

Merrinette said...

Blur Pei: aww, it's okay T^T i was thinking which one is you also hehe

Viruspadu: haha same here! :)

KathTea Chin said...

Haha most wouldn't be jealous of my tan, many go "OMG why you so dark???" Lol Very nice pictures! Unlike mine XP

It was great meeting you and Vivi... Hope to see you babes again someday...

Hilda Milda™ said...

So nice that you get to go (:

Merrinette said...

Kathy: lol i love tan skin! XD

Hilda: there will be next time :D

Nana Eddy said...

hey, i saw you at the party, sorry i didn't say hi. I was quite overwhelmed. There were so many people that i don't know...

Merrinette said...

Nana: same here! sorry if i cant recognize you :(

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

aww man i completely missed you there! :(

ph1l1p said...

nanged this :D

galvintan said...

Another post on Vaseline pool party. Guess I really missed it! Sigh

ShinnLeng.Y said...

all pretty girl in da party :)

Merrinette said...

Teh: Ehh! I didnt know that you were going :(

Philip: Thanks!

Gavin: Haha yeah :p Next time!

ShinnLeng: Agree! I felt kinda stress that time lol

chris federick said...

Cool, seems like lots of fun x)

Serge Norguard said...

waa so nice leh the party

TOLANIC said...

It is great meeting bloggers in real life. =)

ShaolinTiger said...

You take good pictures :)

Merrinette said...

Thanks guys! :)

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