Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As planned, went to Uni to settle some matters. I was expecting to pay nearly RM100 for the book as my fine. The woman at the counter kept on repeating herself.

"Are you sure that you wanted to pay RM 61?"

And so, I ended up to meet the one in charged to get a memo for the bursary so that I can make my payment.

I really did not expect they will give me a discount. I paid only RM 35.

After that, went to Bursary. Took my number and quite frustration to see you're number 16xx and it was only number 10xx at that moment.

I went back home and back in Uni again in the evening. I waited for almost an hour and I cant make my payment. I hate LimKokWing's management. I thought the woman at Registry Department was going to help me update the payment amount but she did not. And I cant swap my card.

Had my dinner before I went home. I saw a cat and started to "meow" at it. It followed me. From the ground floor to 4th floor. I did not expect he was goin to follow me when we're taking the stairs.

I cant really give a name to him, so I called him Jun.


Me and Kyde were thinking of how to settle the dilemma. We're worried bout the hamsters and afraid he might scratch the stuff here.


After fed him, I leave him in the living room for awhile and I stayed in my room.
I heard some noise and went out to check. He is threatening Furu and Furu was shock and afraid of Jun. I took Jun inside my room.

Another dilemma came. He scratched my camera bag and kept on jumping on my bed. I afraid he might scratch my stuff or poo/pee in my room when I'm sleeping.

So I put him outside the house. With water, food and shelter. 
If he wont run away, it means it is fated to keep him. If he run away, I cant do anything.

So, the next day, he left. I believed he is still around here. So yeah, he can free load me anytime, I guess. I still have some cat food thou. 

I was watching Noroi The Curse until the early morning with Kyde. Those who like supernatural or horror stuff, you should perhaps watch this. You may watch it here 

There's a remake in 2005 as well if you still wanted to watch it.

I received a phone call in the early morning around 8am. It was my landlady. 

She told me that Andy called her and chased her for the deposit again. He chased me too.
Not to mention he did threaten me as well. I can do nothing because I did not take the money. 
Another problem is about my Jerusalem housemate, Modi. He had been very rude to me after the argument happened between us. I wanted him to move out because he caused me tonnes of prob and made a mess in this apartment. He does not believed that we want him to be out.

In the end, me and my other housemates decided to move out. I feel less burden with cooperative and understanding housemates like Aiman and Mateng. 

I found a place. RM 750 master bedroom. Planned to go to have a look later on thou.
Unfortunately, it is only avalaible in June. 

I received my order from Bodyline today. I love DHL. They are much better than EMS or Pos Laju. Here's my order stuff.

A blue headdress

He looks cute in it D:

My petits.
Expecting pink and enamel blue but get sax instead of pink.
Gonna sell it away.

Ordered the same bloomer that I had lost T^T

JSK with Alice themed print in blue color.
Blue is not that bad at all. :)

The print!

Cheaper type of lace. :( 

Pink skirt

Such a cute print!

2 pairs of socks

some kind drit that looks like rust to me =/

My first blue lolita shoes!

Close-up ribbons

Black heart buckle shoes

Quite a disappointing quality. 

To end my blog entry, lemme show you the awesome-ness of the Enormous Furi!


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