Sunday, September 12, 2010


Currently listening to; Bird by Yuya Masushita
I dont know, I just love this song.
I kept looping this song like crazy Lol.

Click to listen and view MV.


If you're wondering why I did not update my blog, it's because I dont know what to update and I'm still recovering from alcohol rash.

This is the second time I had alcohol rash.
I dont mind drinking but getting itchy, warm and red skin isnt that pleasant at all.
I avoid using soap or shower gel on my infected skin, kept showering myself with cold water, the rashes managed to cool down quicker now compared that last time.

Eeeww? I know.
Luckily, I dont sweat much or rarely sweat haha.

The third day that I was still suffering from alcohol rash, I went to KL for my assignments stuff. After done snapping photos that I need, I asked my boyfriend to do something crazy.

It's in Pavillian pathway.
Just a quicky because there's 2 security guards around there haha.

I went to KLCC for Kinokuniya again! :D

Papier vol 2

Pic #1 from vol 2

Pic #2 from vol 2

 Freebie for vol 2 issue!

Papier vol 3

Pic #1 from vol3

 Pic #2 from vol3

I feel a bit irritated with my newly growth black roots. They're around 1inch now.
I had been wanting to dye my hair for so long but lazy.

Casis Berry color from Liese

I guess it will be easily faded on my hair since I bleached it few times before. =/
Anyway, just bought it to try.

And yesterday, I just received my items from Aiko.
Joined her for Closet Child order :D

Unsure if I wanna sell em or not.
Both bracelets from Chocomint.

Hair piece or broach.

I love these items to the max, especially the Alice ring!!


These few days, I had been very confused of myself whether I should buy a beautiful dress or not. It's considered cheap since it's second hand.

Innocent World's Puppy JSK.
Currently having 50% off sale from Innocent World; 11k yen+

I'm buying from Closet Child because it's 9,800 yen. 
Including shipping would be around 11k yen also..

The only thing that I'm worried of was the bust size.
They stated it's 36-40 bust size. I afraid even after I tighten the back shirring, it would still be loose on me. Unless I go and enlarge my boobs = ="

I really love it much! :(
After I make my payment for it, I must not buy anything again for few months time. Geez. 


Before I forget again, I realized that I have not been so active in Innit nowadays. I would prefer that you follow me for updates or drop by a message in Cbox so that I could visit you back :( 
So sorry about it, sometimes I just dont feel like chatting or busy with my assignments. Feel free to follow me in my Facebook page or twitter as well for updates; if you dont mind me ranting so much hehe!


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

my fren has the same problem as well, very chronic level actually. she does have to rely on anti-hestimins every time she goes out.

Calvin Ong said...

LOL THE PHOTO IS EPIC! nanged and visited :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

I had alcohol rash twice too and it annoyed me to the max so I forbid myself from drinking anymore.

Btw, I wanted to try liese hair bubble too but maybe when my hair is longer! Will it really work by just shampoo-ing it :O

k~^|n said...

wow...the Alice ring things very nice loh...even guy like me also like it..hahaha

MissBlueNeeNee said...

I want that Lolita Dress. :O

Camy said...

get well soon! i mean from ur alcohot rash. although i dunno how it happen >.<

Merrinette said...

Teh: the 1st time I had it was more than a week time to recover :(

Calvin: Thanks! :D

Hilda: I tak puas hati yet cuz I never drunk before so far :( I heard the color doesnt really stay long and it really work XD

Blackie: XD very nice right!

Nee: buy? D:

Camy: Thanks ^^ I drank beer over my limit DX

Chel said...

aww i wanna try the bubble hair dye too..but i'm in form 6 ==

John said...

what a long post. i tot is a short update. lol. dont drink alcohol lo. it's bad to drink alcohol.

CzChooi said...

u are really into lolita & japanese thingy uh

Lukey Cher Hong said...

wah so many random things.. lol i hardly drop by innit too nowadays

Jaerragus said...

Alcohol rash huh... scary...for doing that... I salute ur bf....

Merrinette said...

Chel: dark choc color? :)

John: hehe random stuff, photos more than words. Seldom drink also XD

Cz: *nods nods*

Dory: same here :(

Jae: lol thanks!