Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yay Header!

Finally, got myself a header for my blog. 

I'm using my old work for it because I'm way too lazy to edit photos Lol. 
Anyway, the artwork above (header) was helped by Vivi.
She helped me with the hands and lineart :)
Original sketch and colored by me.

Anyway, random photos of the day. Maybe some of you already miss my fatty Furi XD

Yay, new coat of fur! 
I prefer this color than darker color :3

Me: *sqqqquueeezzzeeeee* So cuuuttttee!!
Furi: ahhhh, pweease duinn swweuzzee miieee!!

Camera shy~
Look at his size XD

Okay, hope you guys like my header and Furi's photos <333


Ronnie said...

Nice header...suits u !

hans said...

I want sugar glider now than hamster