Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fusion of Raya and Mooncake Festival

Date: 18th Sept 2010
Location: Aiko's house in Putrajaya

As usual, Malaysia Lolita Club (MLC) will organize outing from time to time. This time outing was supposedly Raya outing and most people are busy and couldnt attend it. It ended up with 3 of us only. Even so, I enjoyed myself!

NOTE: Lolita isnt Cosplay. Lolita is a fashion trend from Japan.

Around 12.30pm, they picked me up from my place in Cyberjaya. Then we went for lunch; had Malay dishes before going to Aiko's house. Nana brought us some kuih raya as well! <3

Please enjoy the pictures :) 

Me wearing Aiko's dress from Angelic Pretty.

Nana wearing Aiko's dress as well! She loved that dress XD

Nana again.


Nana and me
 Epic-ness of Aiko XDDD

@_@ blah

Aiko :)

Epic-ness of Nana XD


I love this! Aiko looks so angelic here!

Me: *pats Aiko*
Aiko: *nyan~*
 A must shot for everything outing! Fabric shot <3

Nana taking photo with Aiko's dresses and her dresses as well!

Snowskin mooncake making with Hello Kitty mold XD
Too bad, forgot to snap photos of the mooncakes :(

Group photo. I'm the shortest ;w;

My outfit for the outing! Sailor casual set XD

Okay. Some bonus for you guys! Taken for fun and included caption by us :)

Aiko: NOOOOOO!!!!!
Me: *laughs*

Me:"Would you please stop doing that?! It's so not lady like!"
Nana:"Whatever. Lalala~ "
 Aiko: *poses*
Me: "Yes yes yes you're pretty yes yes.. whatever..."
 Bully 1
 Bully 2

Molest lol

Bully 3 - Final
Bitch slap lol
Lol hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Longest hair length I ever had DX

And just in case, if any of you notice my hair color Lol. 
I'm using liese Casis Berry to dye my hair. 
Unfortunately, it cant cover up my black roots. My black roots are super stubborn = ="

Totally unedited. @_@ 


Edit: Added photo of the snowskin mooncake :)

Photo from Aiko 

Green bean paste snowskin mooncake with Hello Kitty mold :)


Jamie Wong said...

lol. there's a malaysia lolita club.. interesting... you girls look cute!

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

Shuwen said...

waah So many dresses ! :D

natasha MDG said...

wow! what a cute dresses! love it!

So high fashionista said...

looks like u guys had fun cosplaying

najib said...

mcm puteri jer.cantik baju

Anonymous said...

Haha, lovely photo's! ^^

Elvin said...

Haha, why is raya related to Lolita fashion?

Merrinette said...

Jamie: Thank you! :)

Mr.Lonely: Thanks

Shuwen: Hehe :p

Natasha: Thanks!

Flizz: lol..lolita isnt cosplay :)

Najib: Trima kasih! XD

Rocking Doll: Thanks dear :)

Elvin: It's not related but we just want to wear lolita during Raya and celebrate Raya together hehe

Celeste xiao fang said...

Nice Lolita dresses, you gals looked cute =)

Nana said...

i love my own epicness.. xDD

Merrinette said...

Celeste: thank you! :)

Nana: faster go and edit! /spank >D

Hilda Milda™ said...

wow i love those pinky dresses but i wouldnt dare to wear those :s

John said...


Merrinette said...

Hilda: lol u can try :)

John: lolol XD

Eddy said...

you can use my machine to make some bread and cake

thank you!!