Friday, August 27, 2010


Sometimes I really wondered, why there's so many lifeless people that likes to troll?
Dont they have things to do in real life? = =

I began to hate internet and all of the networking mediums in the internet.
Built with the purpose of social networking but ended up for stalking and trolling purposes.

But I do love my blog. It's the only thing that I can used to reveal my thoughts and feelings.
Another reason, I dislike writing because I have a very bad handwriting and sometimes I couldnt read my own writings. That's why I abandoned my diaries from the first place lol.

From blogs, I had met quite a number of new bloggers from Nuffnang Innit.
Guys, maybe we should really meet up someday! And dumped the relationship term of "online" friend between us :)

Sometimes I do think I rant too much. Ah. I dont like talking bout it, that's why I prefer to type em all out. If you feel annoyed reading my rants, do tell me bout it or just ignore me.
So far, thanks to everyone that had listened to my useless rantings. You guys always try to cheer me up in a good way.

If you're a hater, you could just leave me alone. Stop wasting your time hating me because I'm not worth to be thought of. And stop reading my blogs,etc. If you had added me in Facebook, you may delete me from there as well. It's a win-win situation, no? :)

Today is a holiday. I was supposed to blog bout my newly arrived package on yesterday thou but was way too lazy to snap photos inside my super messy room. I havent sort the things out (and there's a lot of large boxes) in my room yet since July. FML.

Okay, wanna get something to eat for my breakfast and start doing my typographic poster.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why there are trolls on the internet... But I liked reading your blogs! Don't stop typing >u<

Merrinette said...

thank you so much!

Ronnie said...

dump the term online friends...!!
nice nice !

-i'ΠΌ.Lemon said...


~Snowman~ said...

Continue blogging dear! the Innit gangs will always be with you =D

Doris Lai said...

Let's arrange a time and meet up... with innit friends. Live our life happy.. throw all the unhappy thing ... cheers !!!

Merrinette said...

Thanks everyone :)

H.Prakash said...

Nice read!

H.Prakash said...

nice read!