Sunday, August 29, 2010

News Ranting

I was bored. So I went to abc news to watch some videos til I found this.

Around 6 years ago, Connie Culp was shot by her husband. From that moment on, she lost her face. Years later, she received a donor which willing to donate herself to Connie Culp.

*Please read the news and watch the video*

I really felt sorry for her. Imagine, someone that you loved actually betrayed and ruined your life; ruined your life as well. I got to admit that she is a strong woman. Very strong woman. 

I'm glad that she has a face now. Still, it's kinda hard for her, she has to eat around 20 pills per day to prevent her face transplant from rejection. 

So, pretty or beautiful people out there *especially those that think you are*, think again. 
What if accident happens and your face had been disfigured? 
Will you ever be strong like her? 

Second news. It's kinda stupid. Taken from here.

> Tamil Nesan reported that a workshop owner in Madurai, India, poisoned his daughter after she refused to marry his sister’s son.
What the fuck were him thinking?
Just because the girl does not want to get married with someone she doesnt love, you cant force her! This man actually asked 3 of hi friends to poison her own daughter. WTF RIGHT???

But she's lucky enough that she has not died during that moment. Her mum came home and rushed her to the hospital. She managed to tell the truth. 2 days later, she passed away. 

I hate arranged marriage. It is just ridiculous. 
You cant force someone to get marry with a stranger or someone that he/she doesnt love.
It's their lives, so just let them choose! 
Choosing it for them and forcing them to undergo arranged marriage, would you really think they would be happy? 
And why in the world would you think you have the right to do so? 
Yes, they might be your children, think again. You dont share the same heart, do you? 

Third news. The one that I raged over most. 

‎"OSAKA--On June 29, about a month before police found the badly
decomposed bodies of her two children in her Osaka apartment, Sanae
Shimomura posted a photograph of herself on a social networking
Internet site." 

Read from here

It is really heartbreaking for me. 

She has no obligations on taking care of them; 3 years old daughter and 1 year old son.

She doesnt even feel sad bout it! Worse, the bodies were left over a month time. 

 All she fed em was; fast food, juice (box), instant ramen, candies. Ya know where she threw all the stuff, included littered diapers? The balcony. 

I really felt sad for the children to have a mum like her. All she does; partying, having sex all around, having fun, etc. 

Sigh. Nowadays, I think human are getting crazier. They tend to lost their humanity. :( 


Muhd Naim Putera said...

sigh. They have lost their minds.

Doris Lai said...

Sick of that ... nowadays human mind really very aggressive. No more caring, love...

Ronnie said...

Indeed the first news on the disfigured woman's face.... I don't think I am able to handle such situation if it was me !

Second news... this is very common. I do have Bangladesh frens that they fly back to their hometown from Malaysia just to get married (fixed marriage) and then in 3 months time fly back here to work for another 4 years.

rins said...

It's sad that the person you trust would be the one to hurt you. I can relate to this. But I'm glad she's not giving up on life.

You have a nice blog. :)

Stefanie said...

I read the news from newspaper few days ago. It was kinda sad to know that her face was actually ruined by the loved one.

Nana Eddy said...

people are just getting crazier each day. sigh