Saturday, May 22, 2010

A' Famosa

I think most of you had watched this video but I'm posting it here for those who have not watch it.

It happened in A' Famosa, Malacca. One of the tourism places to visit in Malaysia.

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After the unhappy citizens complained bout it, A' Famosa's management group tried to deny the matter issue - tiger abused. They also deleted their discussion post, blocked people that complained on their fan page, etc. 

And they made a post in one of our Malaysia newspapers claiming that they did not abused the tiger. 

Check the news here

I'm really interested with this case, I, myself wanted to go there and have a look by myself.
Unfortunately, they had stopped the activity (Photo with tiger) since people started to complain.

Nowadays, there's too many violation towards animals. Even kids. Some parents had witnessed what their kids were doing but they did not tried to stop their children from abusing the animals.

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