Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm back!


AH! So sorry that I had long abandon my blog :( 
I was quite busy with my work recently, since it's late submission and I'm in sick condition.

Had been sick for almost a week now, sigh. Fever and throat infection, had been coughing almost non stop, especially during night time.

Anyway, an update on me :D

Original Drawing: Me
Line art and hands: Vivienne
Color: Me 

I did not submit this work :( Only my major assignment for Computer Graphic, might have to repeat that subject again T^T

Used a day (2 days actually, minus the slacking) to finish this. 
Rush work D: It's acrylic on watercolor paper (A2 size) 
First time experience on using acrylic, not that good. I screwed up my canvas painting :( 
Ah well, I met Maru at Street Mall to pick up her girl. I'm going to help her to recover her baby girl, just trying my best since I'm still practicing >_<


Now, still got some stains =/ Will try to remove again later on. 

Another good news of mine, I bought myself uws! What is that? Hehe, a lomo camera!

Bought this for RM120 :D
Isnt it cute? <3  I just cant wait to get it on Thursday! COD at KLCC *yay*

I will be moving again on tomorrow. So, this will be a busy week again. Going back to Sandakan, Sabah on Sunday! Cant wait to eat my mum's cooking!

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