Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Photoshoot

Note: This photoshoot is made for fun only. 

Makeup by me. *Ah well, it sucks, I know*

Yukata and dress belong to Clement Lee. 

These are few photos from my photographers that day. 

Okay, might be posting few more once I got the soft copies. =/ 

Ah well.. til then @_@


Hikki aka Amanda said...

it's a good try, but the make up looks like allergy. Keep it up! :D

Kevin said...

dropped by from innit. nanged =)

nice photos! and yea, keep up the good work!

@hikki: perhaps those make up did it on purpose to create the effect?

Merrinette said...

Hikki: Hello, thanks ^^ Yes, the makeup was done like that by purpose

Kevin: Hello, thank you for dropping by ^^

Hikki aka Amanda said...

haha, i know it's purposely do for that :)
but it can be improve sumore ^^

Merrinette said...

Hikki: ahh yes :D was trying to improve makeup skills since i'm totally sucks in it T^T