Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not a bad day afterall

I woke up in the early morning yesterday and went to campus for registration and payment.

One thing that made me pissed off during payment was when this girl trying to act smart.

Okay, I cheated. My number was 512x and I bumped on my friend. He asked me to asked another friend for another number that they found earlier. So yeah, I did and I got 504x. I waited there for like an hour? At least, I waited for the (cheated) number right?

I saw my number and when I walked to the counter, I saw this girl. She used to be my classmate during foundation year. I always had this feeling that she dislikes me. (Hey, I knew it's true that she dislikes me! Someone told me bout it after I left foundation year and we went on different courses.)

I mean like, she came late and unsure if she has any number. She's with a friend. I asked her whether I could take my turn after her, she was trying to ignore me. Then, she shoved her friend's student card to the staff at the counter. I mean like WTF right??

Honestly, I felt like slapping her that moment but I did not. I asked the staff whether I could take my turn after that bitch. The staff said after her friend and I have to wait. MORE WTF RIGHT???

I, somehow thought that the friend felt a sense of guilt and let me do the payment first.

Duh. I hate this kind of people. I mean my ex-classmate.
She always think that she's very smart. She's just a poser and trying to act smart, most of the time. She's fat and ugly as well. Sorry. I dont really talk bad bout people. She always got onto my nerves only. (Ah, too many problems with her. Just a like dinosaur, noisy, fat and ugly).

If you're reading my blog, then congratulation to you, bitch.
It proves that you stalk me.

After I got everything done, I went to KLCC with Kyde. And went to Sushi King for lunch!

Mini Tori Don 

Mini Saba Don?? 
I forgot the name,I think you get what I meant from the picture :) 

Guys, mini don only available til end of this month. So, if you wanna try it out, go to Sushi King and eat them!

Kyde's fav. I dont know why ._.

Baby octos <333

It's a salmon sausage with mayo on top. It looks like a dick to me = =
Lol sorry for my imagination!

Hehe, after we finished, we went to Kinokuniya. 
I bought Popteen (Aug issue). And I wanna share something with you guys.

I saw a book with give freeaway camera. Lomo camera, to be exact. 

For the previous issue (29), it includes a self-assembled kit of gakken tlr. The book cost RM129.10.

The latest issue offers clover san uws. Same with my sakuran san uws, difference; color. I cant find the photo of it yet. Cost RM118.xx

You may view it from Kinokuniya's glass display before entering the bookstore. Then go to Japanese section and find it. 

I went to Watsons and Guardians as well. 

Suprisedly, they're selling Hello Kitty's perfumes! There's 4 different type of smells to be chosen. 
Looks something like this.

However, I did not buy it. The smells are too sweet and strong for me. 

But I bought this! 

Yes, it's limited edition!
You may purchase this mascara and automatically get RM30 discount *if not mistaken* for the Hello Kitty perfume :) 

My review:
This mascara tends to clot if you overcoat layers. So, try not to apply more than 2 layers!

Doll Lash, eyelashes curler. 

My review:

Foundation refill for my Majolica Majora's foundation case. 
Accidentally dropped it on the floor and the foundation cracked apart and shattered all over the floor... 

Revlon's lipstick

The shade, Soft Nude.

The color on skin

It's always best to apply lipgloss over the lipstick for a better look.

I love the color! It's a bit thick (not that smooth), so, apply it on your lips evenly and blot the excess with a piece of tissue or the back of your hand before applying lipgloss. 

Liese Juicy Shower Hair Mist

My hair, before.

After photo. I dont think there's much difference. 

Probably good on normal hair. Mine is dry so maybe not that obvious? 

Dinner time! 

Unsure what to eat, Kyde suggested McDonald's.

Fries. Deadly fries. 

Everyone has been talking bout GCB after McD released it. 
Well, it's not really that super delicious and unique.

It's chicken fillet and mayo with black pepper. 
And also, very oily. If you think it's juicy, you are wrong. 
Those are the oils absorbed by the chicken fillet. 

Went back and kinda shock. Postman threw my parcels to the door from the gate. What made me nervous was the square box. I had a feeling and very sure that it's my new lomo camera. 

Yes, it is! And luckily, no harm at all!!


I really wanted to use it but I forgot I had used my last roll of expired film!!

Guys, if any of you know where can I buy expired films for a cheap price, do tell me!
Thanks a lot!

Lastly, before ending this long post, I wanna suggest a Japanese animation that made me cried for few times while watching it (I dont really cry when watching movies). 

It's called Oblivion Island. 

Trailer and sipnosis can be viewed from the link below. 

Guess, which is my fav character in this movie? :)

Any comments or questions, kindly post em below!


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