Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mori Girl

Who are the mori girls?

The mori girls (森ガール) belong to a subculture which began in Japan. ‘Mori’ means forest in Japanese, and if you’re looking for the simplest description of mori girls, they are girls who look like they live in the forest. Indeed, the unique appearance of the mori girls is what attracts most people to join in their adventures.

Mori girls are often seen in loose dresses or smocks, vintage blouses, puffed sleeves, A-line skirts tights and leggings and many-layered ensembles. They delight in beautiful fabrics and textures, preferring natural to synthetic materials, and are impartial to autumnal shades reminiscent of forest glades such as deep reds, greens, blues and browns. They keep warm with knits and furs in winter, and ponchos and leather boleros in the fall.

The childlike nature of mori girls sets them apart from the more aggressive and carnivorous women in the city. They shun stiletto heels for flat shoes and prefer to keep their fingernails short and skin fair. Mori girls are also drawn to animal, candy, checked, floral, vintage or polka-dotted prints. However, they avoid looking overly cute. They wear little makeup, but when they do use it some like to draw pick circles in the centre of their cheeks as a homage to the dolls they played with when they were younger. While every mori girl is a child at heart, they are endlessly fascinated by objects with a history. Vintage items such as pocket watches, small gold pendants and analogue cameras captivate mori girls.

Mori girls are also characterised by certain attitudes to life. While most mori girls really live in the city, they maintain a pace of life that may be considered slow by others, preferring to stop and savour the tiny delights that many deem insignificant. Mori girls like to explore old neighbourhoods, discover hole-in-the-wall shops and read in cafes. Many mori girls enjoy expressing their creativity, never mind if nobody will see or applaud their efforts, for instance through photography or journalling. Scandinavia is for many mori girls a dream destination, and Scandinavian design influences often appear in mori girls’ style.

In her own quiet way, the mori girl is an individualist. She does not care that the world may live differently from her. She lives consciously and chooses her own lifestyle. The mori girl often looks whimsical or quirky. When she shops, she buys something based on how it makes her feel, rather than on how fashionable or expensive it will appear to others. While she may enjoy the company of others, the mori girl loves her own company and indeed has embarked on many of her most memorable adventures alone.

Welcome to the world of the mori girls. - source


Mori Girl intakes the world by their hands as they enjoy drink tea and exchanging clothing with friends. Traveling by Plane,Bicycle, or just walking. Having an eye for European culture like in Ireland, France, And Germany. Mori Girls are also Fascinated with taking pictures. Although shy, they are sweet young lady with proper manners and lovely style.


Just keep it simple; straight or airy hair.
These are some examples ^^

Simple, no? :D

Some mori-inspired hairstyles


Natural and earthy colors, or just go without makeup! 
Soft brown or pink eyeshadow with soft pink lips :) 


Keep it short and if you wanna polish your nails, go for french tips or a light pastel color.


Browns, Whites, Pastel Pinks, Reds, Creams, and Grays are the best colors. wearing about five layering of clothing with long dresses, scarfs, bennies, 1920's styled shoes. Good places to buy things Urban Outfitters, vintage stores. and if you are lucky maybe grandma has something beautiful and special in her attic to give to you!


Tips; being a Mori girl in Malaysia

Choose light and thin fabric materials to do layering. Avoid thick or material that would produce much heat. Avoid fur! *I am not a fan of real furs*

Changing style would be a bit difficult for newbies, take your time and do more research on the style. 

You might find some goodies from vintage stores as well! 

Enjoy :D *I absolutely love Mori fashion!*


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