Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey guys, I will be back to Cyberjaya later on (Tuesday). Ah, cant wait for all my online buyings to be sent to me hehe~

Anyway, another good news. Yesh, I was so worried about my result. Thinking that I might be failing Computer Graphic subject since I only submitted one assignment (there's only 2 assignments for that subject!), but yeah, I passed all!!!! 

Here, I wanna share some photos taken on last Sunday with my hometown photography group. 
It's a Lomo outing ^^ I'm very proud of my sakurasan (Ultra Wide and Slim). 

Just in case, if you wonder how it looks like hehe. Mine is sakura/pink edition called Sakura san. 
It's very cheap. I got it for RM120 only :D 
It's so damn cute also!

Ah yeah, photos! Here are them! ^^ All unedited. I'm using Fujifilm Superia X-tra with 400 ISO and 36 exposures. Expired films of course :)

My dog.. I dont really like him.. >_< Meh, dont ask me why.. 

Very old buildings.


Dear little fish, do you wish to die by this way or be eaten by me? :D

 Heavy storm that moment.
One of my fav photo :) 

Look at my happy face with my little pink uws camera, despite how strong the wind was that moment hehe 

So yeah, that's some of the photos with most likes or my fav from Sunday's outing. 

My mum always said that I'm such a blind spender. Indeed, she's right. I ordered 2 more pullips on Sunday. Pullip EOS (Steampunk Series) which only has 2000 pieces worldwide and Pullip Lunatic Queen. Both of them are so charming,couldnt resist it!

That's not all. Haha, dont judge me, where I got my money from. DX 
I bought Holga 135bc with 15 color flash. RM260 in total. 

I got it in black because it's cheaper and more vintage looking. :) 


Hikki aka Amanda said...

lomography! ;D but it's kinda expensive to get one nowadays

Merrinette said...

Hikki: aww not really, my uws only RM120 hehe