Saturday, May 8, 2010

What I had been through

First of all, I'm sorry for not updating my blog recently.

Secondly, thank you for those who had text-ed me and wished me in Facebook on my past birthday.
Although no celebration, I'm still happy. Really did not expect so many people would wish me on my birthday.

If you're curious on how I spent my birthday, I had a presentation during the evening and I had to pack and move my stuff during night time. It's kinda tiring for me.

After spending few days to pack and move my stuff, I'm still homeless now.
Currently staying at my friend's place but I have to move again next week.

My dad had been acting over-sensitive on the issue that I'm staying at a guy's place.
It's really hard to find a place with all girls. I had asked almost everyone but they cant let me stay at their place temporary.

I have a lot of delayed assignments as well. During this moment, I had been thinking to change my course. After asking for opinions from different people, now I think again, maybe I shouldnt change.
Ah well, let's see how's my result for this semester, I guess.

I had delayed to send out the parcel for Michi as well. So sorry T_T

Must try to settle things, body gets exhausted easily and I spent my time sleeping most of the time. Always feel sleepless. Sigh.

Okay, wish me luck on this coming Friday, I have a studio photoshoot with my model, Joy.

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