Saturday, May 22, 2010


I received my parcel from Qcute on Friday noon.

From Kidsyoyo

Replica of Angelic Pretty from Lace Story.
I'm still unsure whether I wanna sell it off or not.
If you're interested, I'm selling it at RM220 including postage. =/

Aiko dropped by to passed me my loli stuff <3

R-Series Bloomer

Bloomer from Dear Celine, wanted another print but sold out

Wrist cuffs! My first pair of wrist cuffs!
Wanted pink but no stock, so go for red >_<

Yeah, I'm greedy! I ordered 3 colors :D

The skirt from HMHM <3

I think it's cute. Summer JSK from Infanta

Matching bloomer for my JSK XD

I know most of you are kinda tired of my post with all of my lolita items.

But, I just couldnt helped it sometimes D:

Anyway, I'm selling some of my items here.

My boyfriend is selling his LG Secret as well, less than a year. RM1k and negotiable.
If you're interested, you may find me :)

I'm currently taking orders on PVC figures, Gundam,etc from Japan, feel free to check my thread in Comie Fiesta Forum at here

I really really need money. That's why I'm selling my items off and trying to take orders for people.
I need to buy a PC, kinda worry bout my laptop. It seems like it's gonna die anytime.

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