Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was supposed to blog on yesterday. Since I dont have the mood to post it, I delayed til today.

I dont really know I am happy or excited when Qcute sent an email and telling me that my replica shoes  (AP Tea Party) had been posted. I'm worry bout the size.

Around 2.30am, I found out that Furu had died inside his food bowl. I dont even know the reason of death. He was so energetic before that and died so sudden.

Kyde said, maybe he injured himself from the long term of falling. He likes to climb and drop himself around the cage. I dont know why.

This will be Furu's last photo.

Another thing that kinda made me worry - Cammie.

It seems like she's undergoing yellowing.

She needs a new faceup as well.

Fat hope that yellowing process will stop.
Gonna bath her and clean her when I'm free.

I'm still slacking til now. I dont know what's wrong with me. I dont have the mood to study.
Argghh, BUT I DONT WANNA FAIL AGAIN. Must force myself to do my assignments :(

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