Thursday, May 13, 2010


On 10th, it was my boyfriend's birthday. On the same day, 3 parcels arrived. 2 from Qcute and 1 from Bodyline. :)

Let's see what I got here, shall we? ^^ 
*Anyway, I ordered them last 2 months, it takes time to produce em*

Kidsyoyo Violin Rose Beret

This is how it looks like when I ordered it. The only photo with that color.
I choose white thou. Cant really order the set items because it's winter wear :(

When it arrived, i really love it.
Look at the cute deco! 

I really love the quality and the good lace they're using *_*

The only problem is - it seems to be quite big on my head. I have small head, gotta admit that.
Kyde said I look like a small kid when wearing it >_<

BTSSB Replica Ribbon Heart Bag by Lace Residence

It looks cute than the real photo as well. I prefer this handle rather than metal handle by BTSSB actually >_<

DollscroPs Lolita Time Lovely Cute Skirt

Honestly, I'm not that happy when I received this. The lace had been changed but they're still using good quality of lace. It just doesnt really seem to impress me. It will still be good for casual wear I guess.

Closer look on the print. It's supposed to be brighter, lighting prob. 

Detachable bow.

Mary Magdalene Replica OP  by Kidsyoyo

Ordered this OP as well. I really really love the red color for this dress but I somehow ended up choosing off white.

The good thing bout Kidsyoyo, they provide extra buttons and there's transparent shoulder strap inside :)

I really love Kidsyoyo. Their quality really worth the price.

Frills Rocking Horse Shoes from An-tai-na. If not mistaken, replica of Antenna.

It fits nicely actually and cant fit in if I wear socks. Another problem for me is my left foot which is bigger than my right by few millimeters, it's damn painful if I wear it. 

Gonna bring it somewhere and stretch it since I cant DIY by myself. Friend gonna kill me for putting shoes into his fridge haha.

I love good quality and nice replicas. I dont need to spend my money on buying branded items, especially bags and shoes. I always make a mess for my bags and shoes. It will be heart-breaking when it's ruined (Branded). But I will still love branded and offbrands dresses :3

There's 2 panniers from Bodyline as well for my fairy-kei coordination. Since my cam no batt, so I will just leave it.

As I mentioned earlier, it was Kyde's birthday. I had actually planned of throwing a suprise party for him but it doesnt work out because we're busy moving and stuff. I asked for Bang Long's help to distract him while I went out to pick up the cupcakes around 9.30pm.

He's not that suprise because he already felt there's something fishy going on and my acting was just bad.

Simple and cute, aint? They taste great and very reasonable price as well.
You may order them from My Lovely Cupcakes

My schedule is kinda tight recently. Was planned to meet my photography sifu from my hometown, Sandakan on Thursday but since there's some changes, it had been postponed to Sunday.

Thursday, gotta send out the parcels for my customers. Feel real bad for delaying em. :(

Friday, photoshoot in the morning and class.

Saturday, Lolita outing again! :D But this time, quite a lot of girls, hope there's no Ita-loli.

Sunday, Mid Valley to meet up with Clement.

Before signing off, photo of the day :)
One-eyed cat. Unsure what happened to her eye =/

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