Monday, May 31, 2010

Self Faulty.

I had been reading loli_secret in Live Journal and it's always with girls complaining bout other girls. Saying that they're ugly and they shouldnt post their photos in the net.

Sometimes, I just think, it's not their fault if they're born ugly. Even so, if you think they're ugly, I just dont think you can just simply say she is ugly. Yes, you may be prettier but it does not gives you the right to say other's is ugly.

Or thin girls complaining bout fat girls.

Maybe that person is unattractive or chubby but he/she might has a better personality and attitude.

Everyone has their own defects. Everyone wanna complain bout it. It's okay to tell but you have to think of other's feelings as well.

I, myself has my own defects as well. I envy people who can wear contact lens because I cant.
From time to time, I was tempted to buy pretty contact lens and hoping that I can wear them.
My pupils are not proportionate, or should I say, they are not in their own correct positions.
So, it's gonna overlap my pupils and affect my sight (blurred). And there's no cure for it.

Sometimes, I just find it's ridiculous to complain or talk bad bout others. I, myself experienced the same thing. People saying me; ugly, fat, bitch, etc. Yes, I do feel sad and hurtful at first. Now, I dont really wanted to care much bout it. I have my own life. I wanted to live my life happily as well.

Please think of other's feelings before you simply talk bad bout em. They might be fat or ugly but remember, they have other positive skills,talent,etc that you dont have.

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