Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I went to Broga Hills for hiking on last Saturday with my classmates; Joy, Hansen, Janice and Janice's housemate, Evelyn. 

It was my first time. I bought a backpack and sneakers, yes, just for hiking purpose. I can still use them in future, especially when I'm out for photographs! 

I dont have any photos for it. I used my uws and holga135bc most of the time and forgetting bout my DSLR... 

Anyway, here's some photos taken by my friend, Hansen. Enjoy. *Body aches til today lol*

Might be posting mine if the result is okay. I still have not develop the films yet. 

I just received my 2nd PVC girl as well. 

She's Seena from Shining Wind in bikini version. I ordered the whole set but releases in different months. 

She's so cute! <333 Cant wait for the others to arrive as well!

I just watch Despicable Me as well. Will be having movies marathon soon. Very soon I guess.

I absolutely LOVE this movie!! 

You will have a good laugh by watching this ^^ 

My fav character would be agnes and the potato-like minions! XD


ken said...

not cute.. but she's sexay! =P

Merrinette said...

Hehe, thanks!