Friday, March 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Lolita Movie Outing II

2 days ago, I was quite depressed. Someone took my sketchbook during Design Heritage class. I called someone called Chrisilda Usha John because I thought it's Mr.Chris; my Design Heritage lecturer.

The classroom was locked. So I have to find the lecturer to open the door for me.

She is such a bitch. So damn rude. She lied that Mr.Chris was not in the office. Lucky me for lurking in the Faculty and lucky me that Mr.Ronald helped me to check on Mr.Chris whether he's in or not.

I saw no sketchbook after Mr.Chris opened the door and I see no sketchbook! My sketches for the next class, Graphic Design were inside the sketchbook.

And yeah, no choice but to re-draw. I dont really have ideas for it. :(

I will be working on Monday and Thursday. Unfortunately, I still need some time to adapt and memorize what I should do. Hope they wont fire me. >_<"

After my shift ended, I went to computer lab, hoping that I could finish my illustration using Adobe Flash for tomorrow's class; Computer Graphic. 2 hours later, a lecturer came in and said he has class at 5pm in the lab.

I moved to another lab and I couldnt open the file. 2 hours work, gone. I re-do but did not finish it because I dont really know how to use Adobe Flash and I felt very tired. So, I went back home.

Anyway, as promised. Here's the photos for the previous Lolita Movie Outing! Not much thou.

Group Photo of Lolita girls that attended. 
From left; Frack, Aiko, Emily, Nana and Me.

We have the same JSK and shoes!
But my shoes are too large :(
Anyone wanna buy it? 
Worn once only. 
Size 24cm

Shoes shot! 

Another one!

I'm too lazy to edit, sorry girls >.<

Camwhore camwhore >_<

Fabric shot! 

Look at our cute print <3

Okay. Done for today.

Need to do research for Design Management later! 

Busy day on Friday DX

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