Monday, March 22, 2010


I had been backstabbed til nothing can be said anymore by random strangers.


Because of the way I dress.

I worn this on last Friday because I had washed all of my clothes and they have not dry yet.
No choice, I have to wear lolita to class. 

Since I'm rushing, I had this bad coordination. And the wrong petticoat.
I am so short! Hate it!
I saw people laughing at me whenever I go in campus.

Saturday, clothes still have not dry yet. 
I worn this to KLCC. 
I thought this is considered as normal? 

Less people staring and yet there's still people gave me the disgusted look. 

Okay. Worst day, Sunday.
I worn this to Mid Valley. 
*a bit wet because of the rain* 
The moment I stepped out from my house til I reached home, people non-stop staring at me. It's okay to stare but they just couldnt not shut their asshole mouths from throwing shit swears or curses on me in Lolita. 

Okay, for those that dont know bout Lolita, please click here. 

Another option, google it. 
If Lolita seems to be familiar to you, it's actually derived from the Victorian and Rococo by the Japanese. 
Some people that know nothing bout Victorian and Rococo, they should just go and die. 
I mean like, WTF with all these people? The styles are so famous, how can possibly they dont know anything bout it? 

I guess they're shallow. 

I am Chinese but ya know what, I hate Chinese. I hate those cina-bengs. They are such a bunch of shallow maggots. 

I heard them making fun of me and laughing so loud just to let me know that they're talking bad bout me. See, how bad is that? 

I heard they said "Pig's legs" too. 
Yeah, I have fat calves, so? 

I can tell you that they're no fats. They're muscles formed when I used to swin in the past few years ago. 

Another photo. 
Another question, do I look like a fucking criminal? 

Everyone was staring at me like I'm a criminal or fatal disease carrier. 

I saw fear in some people eyes as well. How funny. 

Ah well, let's stop this crap.

Here's some of the photos taken in Mid Valley. Main reason that I went there, Alice decoration. It was the last day. 

Warning: A LOT OF IMAGES! 



Love this!

Red Queen and White Queen. 
Sorry, but at my first sight, I thought the White Queen was a male. 

I want this hat. 

Okay, done with the photos. 

I bought some stuff as well. 

Care Bear warm bag

Jewellery Box

On the way back to Cyberjaya, we had some fun with the warm bag. 
I forced him to take photos and he reluctantly agreed this time :D

One of his photo.
Kamen Pink Bear!

Too lazy to edit. Bear with my ugliness please. 

Hi, I am Care Bear. 


Okay, that's it for today. 

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