Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Lolita Movie Outing

On 12.March, Aiko came and gave me my lolita stuff that I had ordered. Well, only half of em arrived.
Here ya go!

Socks from Secret Shop
They're so cute!!

Blouse from R-Series

Teddy Bear Blouse from R-Series

Look at the cute button!

Red JSK from R-Series

On 13.March, we had a movie outing in Lolita. Around 11am, Aiko and Haruji came to fetch me and Kyde, after she changed her outfits, we went to One Utama.

Met up with Emily and Nana and went for lunch in Garden Cafe.

 I dont like my usual self here lol
Anyway, here's what I worn that day

Blouse: R-Series
JSK: Bodyline
Petitcoat: Dear Celine
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline

I straighten my hair by hair blow it with hairdryer. 
Dyed my hair on Friday and the color seems to be a little green-ish in real life. 

Emily in the same JSK with me but diff color :) 

Aiko in Blue Outfit! 

From left, Ariel (me), Airene (Nana), Ingrid (Emily) and Madeline (me). 


Guess Ariel wants some of the juice :D

Our drinks!

My lunch, shared with Kyde :) 

May came around 1.20pm. After the lunch, we went to collect our tickets and watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D!

Before I watch the movie, I saw some review, as in bad review bout it.
But after I had watched it, it's not that bad but it's totally awesome!

I really love the Cheshire Cat a lot.

He is so so cute!!
Wish I have a cat like that T_T

So, if you have not watch it yet, go and watch now!
After the movie, we took some photos. I have not get the photos from Emily and Nana yet, so please wait for em! :) 

Aiko and Haruji left earlier.

Me, Emily, Nana and May went for Purikura. Poor Kyde that had to wait for me for such a long time. Sorry dear!

Here's our Purikura photos!


I dont really show my teeth when smiling. 
It was captured when we're not ready yet. 
So yeah....

I look weird and ugly here XD

*Blur face of me* lol

Second session of Purikura, after May left.
This time, with our babies! <3

It's tougher than the first session because we had to hold our babies. 

Ariel looks damn scary here, maybe she dislikes Purikura =/

Lol I think I look prettier in Purikura. *slap self XD *
And I think Purikura makes everyone more pretty haha!

Love the heart thing on my head, looks like a crown <3

This one looks like a family photo Lol

The cats at the bottom so cute!

 This is partially a failure. Lol! 


That's it for now!

Do wait for more photos coming up!

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