Sunday, March 28, 2010

Materialistic Rasicm.

Okay. This is not a good post. I just cant stand it anymore. It's bout my photography group.

I really dont like her, my group leader.

For the first time I met her and during photography class, she pushed me out to be the group's model because I was wearing Fairy Kei on that day.

First, they're using my cam to snap photos. During the mid session of it, she requested to change Nikon to Canon because Canon is much more easier.

That is bullshit.

During group discussion, she kept on banning my ideas. And only accepted few of them after my friends explained it to her.

I really felt quite pissed off. In the group, we have group members that do not understand Mandarin but she seems like only focus with those China people. Not to mention that one of the group member, China girl did nothing.

She cant even understand when I asked her "Are you free on Saturday? Because we might need to come to campus".

How pathetic is that.

I was worried bout Monday's photoshoot. They did not online as well. I tagged two of em, the leader and the Iranian girl. Well, the group leader did online but made no reply to me til I PM-ed her in Facebook.

I asked if I should bring anything. She said nothing because I am using Nikon.
What kind of shit is this?

Secondly, she said Mac is better and easier for presentation.

Basically, she is only focusing in Canon and Mac.

Eventhough I had added her in MSN, what's the point if she doesnt even online in MSN?!

I really cant stand it anymore.

Such a bitch. 

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